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Surname Schaffarczik - Meaning and Origin

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Schaffarczik: What does the surname Schaffarczik mean?

The last name Schaffarczik is a German-Czech surname, derived from the Slavic version of the German personal name Schaffar. The original form of the personal name was Štefan (later Stefan in German) meaning “crown” or “garland” and the German suffix -ar added after it signifying “descendant/ascendant” of the name. It is thought this surname was likely given to an ancestor who was a descendant of Schaffar, a German name with a Roman origin.

Schaffarczik is a popular surname in the Czech Republic. The people of the Czech Republic have strong ties to their secular German roots as well as with the prestigious Church of Königshügel, where the Schaffarcziks first established their religious ties. Even today, many Schaffarcziks live in districts surrounding the Königshügel area.

Throughout Europe, Schaffarczik families can be found as far south as Italy and Austria, and westward to Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. If you have the Schaffarczik last name, you can trace your family’s roots to any of these countries.

The Schaffarczik family name has been part of the European-Czech culture for centuries and will remain a symbol of deep roots andetermination for generations to come.

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Schaffarczik: Where does the name Schaffarczik come from?

The last name Schaffarczik is most commonly found in the countries of Germany and Austria. The name derives from the Old High German word "scaffal," indicating someone who has worked in the business of tailoring.

In Germany, there is a relatively high density of people with the name Schaffarczik. Approximately 1/500 people in Germany today are known to have this name, most of whom reside in the northwestern state of Lower Saxony. This name is especially common in the area surrounding Hanover, the state capital.

In Austria, the name Schaffarczik is found mainly in the Oberösterreich region, in the area around the city of Linz. The frequency of the name is likely due to its proximity to the German border, and the consequent mingling of German and Austrian cultures.

Given the popularity of the Schaffarczki name in both Germany and Austria, it is likely that it is also found in other countries around the world where Germanic or Austrian immigrant communities have settled. Immigration records may be useful in tracing the diffusion of the name throughout European-settled regions of the world, such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and other parts of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Variations of the surname Schaffarczik

The Schaffarczik surname has a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Variations of this surname may include Schaffarczyk, Schoffarczyk, Schoffarczik, Schoffartzik, Shaffarczik, Sheffarczyk, Sheffarzyk, Shiffarczyk, Shiffarzyk and Schwaffarczyk.

It is with nearly all surnames that variations are found, and this is no different for the Schaffarczik surname. Spellings of this surname may differ due to a range of factors, including clerical errors from individuals or mishearings of the name during official recordings. This then leads to mistakes when staff process the information incorrectly, for example in censuses or birth certificates.

When recording information in a foreign language, the difficulty of pronunciation can also produce variations in spellings. Moreover, a surname may also have a spelling variant dependent on its origin country. For example, in German-speaking countries, the spelling would often incorporate the letter Double S (‘ś’) as well as the letters F, A and K (‘Fack’).

Surnames of the same origin may also offer different spellings. To a coterminal extent, surnames of similar purpose can deviate or conversely form from the same origin. Bearing a similar purpose to the Schaffarczik surname, surnames may be found such as Schnaffarczyk, Slaffarzik, Saffarzik, Schafferyk, Schafferbek or Schaffertz.

Although the surname may appear similar, the correct spelling is essential when researching the history of a family. Failing to use the correct spelling can cause a roadblock in research efforts, leading to incorrect or false conclusions.

Famous people with the name Schaffarczik

  • Bernd Schaffarczik, German television producer
  • Felix Schaffarczik, German actor
  • Max Schaffarczik, German musician
  • Guillaume Schaffarczik, French sports journalist
  • Jacqueline Schaffarczik, German politician
  • Jürgen Schaffarczik, German entrepreneur and economist
  • Elisabeth Schaffarczik, German musician
  • Bernhard Schaffarczik, Austrian economist
  • Richard Schaffarczik, Austrian entrepreneur
  • Alfred Schaffarczik, Austrian footballer

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