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Surname Schakel - Meaning and Origin

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Schakel: What does the surname Schakel mean?

Schakel is a Dutch surname. In Dutch language, "schakel" translates to 'link' or 'chain link' in English. This could potentially denote an occupation in ancient times, where the family might have been blacksmiths or jewellers, working with chains or chain mail. It could also be symbolic, representing connections or relationships, indicating a family who were regarded as the 'linking' or 'binding' element within their community. Like many surnames, its exact origins may be difficult to trace, but its meaning provides some context as to the role or reputation of the family in history. It is always important to remember that the interpretation of a surname should take into consideration the cultural, historical, and linguistic contexts in which it was established.

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Schakel: Where does the name Schakel come from?

The last name Schakel is common in countries of Germanic and Dutch origin, as Schakel is an occupational name originating in Germany in the 13th century. This last name is particularly prevalent in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, French-speaking regions, and states formerly under the control of Prussia. It can also be found in the United States, where it is estimated that more than 3,200 people bear it.

In the Netherlands, the last name Schakel is relatively common. It has been recorded in the Netherlands’ population register since 1790, and it was one of the most popular last names in 2006. Today the last name Schakel ranks 128, and it is found in every province in the Netherlands.

In Germany, the last name Schakel is less common than in the Netherlands, as it is ranked 4245 in the 2021 statistic. Historically, however, it could be found in Prussia, where the name Schakel was very popular in the 18th century.

In the United States, the last name Schakel is not as common as in the Netherlands or Germany, but its presence is still discernible. This is mostly due to the immigration of Dutch citizens that took place in the 19th and 20th centuries. The two states with the highest percentages of individuals bearing this last name are New Hampshire and Nebraska.

Overall, the last name Schakel is relatively common in countries of Germanic and Dutch origin, the Netherlands, Germany, French-speaking regions, and the United States. It has been used for centuries, and it continues to be popular today.

Variations of the surname Schakel

Schakel is a Dutch surname of different origin and variations. It is most commonly found in Germany, Netherlands and America.

The most common spelling for Schakel is 'Schakel', and it has many variants, including Schaeckel, Shackel, Schaekel and Schaakel.

The surname Schakel is of patronymic origin, and it means 'son of Schakel' or 'descendant of Schakel'. The name is derived from the Swedish name Sceakil meaning 'law' or 'rule'.

The variants of Schakel can be divided into two categories: patronymic and metronimic. Patronymic variations derive from the name of a father, such as Schakelson, Schakeltje, and Schakeldon. Meanwhile, the metronimic variations derive from the mother's name, such as Schakelma, Schakelmana, and Schakelman.

The surname is also found in the United States, often spelled as Schackelt. It is mainly used by American descendants of the German and Dutch immigrants who adopted the surname during their voyage to the new country.

Also, some variants of Schakel may even be combined with other surnames, as for example 'Schakelstine', which is a combination of Schakel and Schuster, a common German surname.

In short, the variants of Schakel are vast and many, and they have their origin in the Dutch/German language and culture.

Famous people with the name Schakel

  • Erick Schakel, Dutch footballer
  • Marjolein Schakel, Dutch television host
  • Teun Schakel, Dutch competitive cyclist
  • Pim Schakel, Dutch middle distance runner
  • Carmen Schakel, Dutch lawyer
  • Bo Schakel, Dutch actor
  • Willem Schakel, Dutch professor
  • Nio Schakel, Dutch paralympic cyclist
  • Pieter Schakel, Dutch speed skater
  • Jan Schakel, Dutch television producer
  • Sjoerd Schakel, Dutch cyclist
  • Hendrik Schakel, Dutch brewery owner
  • Louis Schakel, Dutch track and field athlete
  • Wilco Schakel, Dutch footballer
  • Evert Schakel, Dutch chemical engineer
  • Gert Schakel, Dutch organist
  • David Schakel, Dutch musician
  • Maarten Schakel, Dutch hockey player
  • Jacob Schakel, Dutch actor
  • Jacob Schakel Jr., Dutch actor

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