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Surname Schalkhauser - Meaning and Origin

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Schalkhauser: What does the surname Schalkhauser mean?

The surname Schalkhauser is of German origin and has been found primarily in Bavaria, Germany. It was derived from the Middle High German terms "schalch," meaning "servant" or "attendant," and "huser," meaning "house." As a result, Schalkhauser translates to "servant of the house," indicating that the original bearer of the name may have been employed by an important household.

The Schalkhauser surname is typically found in records dated as far back as the 1500s, but the exact origin of the name is uncertain. It is possible that the Schalkhauser surname was borne by servants and other workers who were employed by wealthy families. It is also possible that the name served as a way to distinguish people from the same region, as Bavaria has many settlements with the same name.

The Schalkhauser surname has been passed down through several generations and is still used in modern times. Since the surname was not the type to be inherited, and instead was usually given depending on an individual's occupation, it has likely been altered throughout the years.

Although the name Schalkhauser may not have been present in the same family line for centuries, the sense of pride associated with it has remained, making it an important part of the family's lineage.

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Schalkhauser: Where does the name Schalkhauser come from?

The last name Schalkhauser is a German surname that is still common in many German-speaking countries today, as well as in Hungary. It is a variant of the surname Schalkhusen, which is derived from the Middle High German word "schalkhusen," which was used to describe someone who was a seller of small wares. It is a fairly rare name outside of these countries, however, it does appear in records throughout Europe, including countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, and Norway.

In Germany, Schalkhauser is particularly common in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also found in Austria, Switzerland, and Poland. In Hungary, it is also a prominent name, especially in the provinces of Veszprém, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, and Zala.

When it comes to immigration, Schalkhauser has made its way to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In these countries, it is still rare, but it can be found in places with high German immigrant populations, like Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.

Overall, the last name Schalkhauser is still common in its home countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary, as well as various countries around the world with a German-speaking population. It is a unique and slightly rare name, so one can tell that it carries its own special history wherever it may be found.

Variations of the surname Schalkhauser

The surname Schalkhauser is a German surname, derived from the Middle High German term “schalk,” meaning sly, crafty, or wise, and “hause,” meaning house. Variants of the surname are Shalhauser, Schalkhäuser, Schalkhauer, and Schalhhausen. Splitting the surname is also common, resulting in the variant surnames Schalk and Hauser.

Other international spellings of the surname include Chalkhauser in Austria and Czech Republic, Szalkhauser in Hungary, and Szalkházy in Hungary. In addition, some of the variants of the surname can be found in other languages, such as Schalkhoven (Dutch), Szalkowy (Polish), Schalkhauser (Italian), Schalkhaser (Dutch), Sakhauser (French), and Szalkhause (Hungarian).

Knowledge of the surname’s German origin can be used to connect it to other surnames. For instance, Schalk+Hauser can connect to Shal+Hauser and Shalhak+Hausen, and the surname Shalhause can often be found linking to Schalkhauser. It can also be linked to the variant spelling of Shalhousen or Shalhause, as well as Shalhouse or Shalhouser.

In addition, there are other surnames that are likely related to Schalkhauser due to the similar surnames from other areas. Examples of surnames that are similar in origin include Szalkai (Hungary), Szalkó (Hungary), Shalkowski (Poland), Szalkowski (Poland), Szalka (Poland), and Szalkiewicz (Poland).

Hence, there are plenty of options of variants, spellings, and related surnames for the Schalkhauser surname. It is likely that many variations of this surname can easily be traced back to a shared German origin and spelling.

Famous people with the name Schalkhauser

  • Uwe Schalkhauser: A German professional darts player. He has won major darts competitions within Germany and has participated in international PDC tournaments.
  • Jason Schalkhauser: A TV and film actor. He had roles in HQ Trivia, Shark Tank, The Blacklist, and others.
  • Thomas Schalkhauser: A German football coach. He currently coaches the National Czech U19 team.
  • Tyler Schalkhauser: An American musician. He is a member of the band The Californian.
  • Hans Schalkhauser: An Austrian mathematician who specialises in the theory of probability. He is recognised internationally for his contributions to the field.
  • Richard Schalkhauser: An Austrian financial analyst and entrepreneur. He is best known for founding the consulting firm 'Nemetschek AG'.
  • Andrea Schalkhauser: A German volleyball player. She is a two-time member of the German national volleyball team and has participated in international tournaments.
  • Alexandra Schalkhauser: A Swiss politician. She is a Member of the National Council of Switzerland and the president of the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland.
  • Eva Schalkhauser: A German ski alpine racer, competing in slalom and giant slalom. She was part of the German alpine skiing team for the 2018-19 World Cup season.
  • Volker Schalkhauser: A German comedy actor. He performs on stage, TV and in films. He has appeared in shows such as "The Buddenbrooks" and "The Neverending Story".

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