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Surname Scheiks - Meaning and Origin

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Scheiks: What does the surname Scheiks mean?

The surname Scheiks is of German origin. However, the exact meaning of this surname is not extensively documented or widely known. Due to its origin, it could be derived from any number of occupational, geographical, or personal characteristics that were commonly used to form surnames in German culture. Examples might include a person's job, their father's name, or even the town they lived in or their physical appearance. Like many surnames, over time, the original meaning may have also evolved or changed. Tracing the exact lineage or origin of a surname often requires detailed genealogical research.

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Scheiks: Where does the name Scheiks come from?

The last name Scheiks is a Dutch surname with roots in the Netherlands, Flanders, and Northern Germany. It has a short, straight-forward spelling, which suggests it is a fairly old name. Scheik is an alternate spelling, and Shick is an Americanized version.

The Scheiks family is most commonly found today in the Netherlands, particularly in the region of Groningen. In addition, the name has spread with Dutch expatriate families, and can be found in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, the Benelux area, France, and Switzerland.

Thanks to Dutch emigrants, this name has also spread to North and South America, Australia, and other places with Dutch roots, such as South Africa. The Scheiks family is very common in both the United States and Canada, and share their roots with many other Dutch families.

In recent years, due to the many families who immigrated to the United States, the last name Scheik has grown in prominence. Today, there is even a Scheiks genealogy website for people researching their family history.

The name Scheiks is an endearing part of Dutch culture and a reminder of the close-knit, traditional families who left their homes for a better life in a new world.

Variations of the surname Scheiks

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Scheiks could be Scheik, Sheik, Shaykh or Shaikh.

Scheik is the typical Dutch spelling, and is used for people of Dutch descent who have the name. Sheik is the English version of the name, used by those of English descent or living in English speaking countries. Shaykh is the Arabic version of the name, and is used by Arabic speaking people. Shaikh is commonly used in India for people of Indian descent.

The surnames Schik or Schikowski, Schick, Schichek, Schiek, Schiefelbein, and Schiefelbein-Pukall are related to the surname Scheiks. The surname Schick is derived from various sources, including German and Ashkenazic Jewish, and is related to the Dutch word “schicke” which means pretty and fashionable. Schichek is derived from Yiddish, and is related to a Jewish name which means “smart or skillful”. Schiek is a variant of the name Schick, and Schiefelbein and Schiefelbein-Pukall are related to German derived names meaning “crooked leg”.

The surname Scheik is also related to the Dutch given name Sheik, and the surnames Shike and Shyke are related to this given name. Finally, the surname Sheik is related to the English version of the surname Scheiks, and the surnames Shike, Shyke, and Shiek are related to this version as well.

Famous people with the name Scheiks

  • Lotte Scheikowski: Dutch painter and location explorer
  • Dabney Coleman: American actor
  • Bloemendaal: Dutch DJ and producer
  • Arjen Robben: Dutch football/soccer star
  • Sander Van Doorn: Dutch record producer, DJ, and remixer
  • Edgar Schein: American organizational psychologist and organizational development consultant
  • Eddy Scheikowski: German football/soccer player
  • Peter van Scheik: Dutch journalist and broadcaster
  • Paul Scheiks: American baseball player
  • Steph Scheiks: American race car driver

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