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Surname Schilling - Meaning and Origin

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G. Schilling

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Schilling: What does the surname Schilling mean?

The last name Schilling is of German origin, deriving from an old German word meaning “coin” or “penny.” It refers to the profession of a moneyer, one who mints coins. It was likely taken on as a last name by an individual in the Middle Ages or earlier.

Schilling may also refer to a house built on a hill or high ground, possibly signifying aristocracy. It could also be used to describe a person who has a superior or lordly bearing, or who behaves arrogantly or snobbishly.

The Schilling surname may also refer to someone who originated from the area of Schillingen, a place in the Rhineland region of Germany.

Finally, Schilling may also be used as a reference to a person engaged in an activity such as hunting, or to someone who owns a particular kind of harness or riding tool.

Overall, the last name Schilling is a versatile one, found in many cultures and with many meanings. It likely refers to the profession of a moneyer, the area of Schillingen, or to someone with a high-end status or a particular kind of activity or possession.

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Schilling: Where does the name Schilling come from?

The surname Schilling is mainly linked to Germany, and is found throughout the country's many regions. It is long established in various parts of the country, and is also found in other European nations. Among the German public, Schilling is a fairly common surname. It was most often used to differentiate between families or villages, and would be used to address somebody related from another lineage. There are currently more than 30,000 reported instances of the name in Germany, making it the 79th most common surname of the country.

The surname has also spread to other countries, including other parts of Europe, the United States, and Canada. In the US, Schilling is used by more than 38,000 people, making it one of the 1000 most common surnames. It is particularly common in Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, and Ohio. In Canada, the Schilling name is particularly common in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

In short, the last name Schilling is quite common today, especially in Germany, the United States, and Canada. It is often used to distinguish between different lineages or villages, and is recorded as one of the 1000 most common surnames in the United States.

Variations of the surname Schilling

The surname Schilling is derived from the German term ‘schilling’, which is the name for a form of currency. As a surname, it can be found in many different forms throughout the German-speaking world. The most common variant spellings for Schilling include Schillinger, Schillings, Schillinge, Schillinger, Schillinger, and Schillingen. Other less common variants include Schillinde, Schillins, Schillinzen, Schillinges, Schillen, and Schillingers. Additionally, there are a number of surnames of the same origin, such as Schiller, Schillinger, Schillinger, and Schillingen, that are also variants of Schilling.

When immigrants arrived in the United States in the 19th century they often changed spelling of their surnames in order to fit in better or easier. This created additional variants in the spelling of Schilling. Common Americanized spellings of Schilling are Shilling, Schillinge, Shillingen, Shillinge, Shiwelling, and Shillinger.

The Schilling surname has also been well established in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, Schilling is often spelled as Shilling, Schillings, Shillings, or Schiling. In Austria, it is commonly spelled as Schilling, Schillinger, Schillingen, or Schillings. In Switzerland, the surname often appears as Schilchinger. Dutch variations include Schilling, Schillings, Schillman, Schillemans, Schillinge, and Schillen.

Famous people with the name Schilling

  • Curt Schilling: American Major League Baseball pitcher, ESPN broadcaster, and founder of company 38 studios
  • Amanda Schilling: Alaskan National Public Radio reporter
  • A.J. Schilling: American mixed martial artist
  • Tina Schilling: German speed skater
  • Joe Schilling: American kickboxer and mixed martial artist
  • Frances Schilling: American film editor, screenwriter and director
  • Marshall Schilling: American television and film producer
  • Joseph Schilling: French academic and writer
  • Steve Schilling: American professional football player
  • Fritz Schilling: German poet and essayist
  • Heidi Schilling: American mother and reality show figure
  • Denver Schilling: American actor
  • Erhard Schilling: German military officer
  • Ryan Schilling: Canadian singer and songwriter
  • Robin Schilling: Dutch filmmaker
  • Jeffrey Schilling: American mayor of Dublin, Ohio
  • Andreas Schilling: German bobsledder
  • Otto Schilling: American architect
  • Lena Schilling: German decathlete
  • Anne Schilling: German surgeon, television presenter and media personality

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