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Surname Schillings - Meaning and Origin

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Schillings: What does the surname Schillings mean?

The last name Schillings is derived from the German word "Schilling" which means "shekel," a form of ancient currency. Historically, in Germany and many other parts of the world, Schilling was a unit of currency or a monetary denomination used for commercial transactions and accounting.

The family name Schillings has likely been on German soil since at least the 1400s, when the use of the word "schilling" in various German dialects was particularly commonplace. It was also adopted as a title for members of a noble family or clan.

Beyond Germany, the use of Schillings as a surname can be found especially in the United States and Great Britain. It is believed that German settlers who arrived in early America, some as far back as the 1600s, brought the name with them from their home country. In the United Kingdom, it is thought that Dutch migrants may have crossed the English Channel and settled in the countryside during the 1600s, bringing their surname of Schillings with them.

The Schillings last name may have originally been bestowed upon someone who worked or traded in shekels or coins, which was considered highly valuable at that time. Alternatively, it may also have been a hereditary name or signified a certain family's prestige or title. Regardless of origin, Schillings is an old German name with a long and varied history.

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Schillings: Where does the name Schillings come from?

The last name Schillings is most common in Germany today. According to genealogical research, it ranks as the 503rd most common surname in Germany as of 2017. The name is also moderately prevalent in Austria, where it ranks as the 876th most common surname.

Schillings can be found in other parts of Europe, especially in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Sweden. However, it is less common outside of Germany and Austria. In the U.S., it ranks as the 8,885th most common surname and is largely concentrated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois.

The Schillings surname originated in the Middle Ages and has been in use since the 12th century. There is a small village in Germany of the same name, which suggests a connection between the surname and this location. It is possible that the surname was taken from the village or from title related to manorial land.

The original spelling of the surname is Schilling, with Schillings being a variation of the name. It is likely that this variation arose due to migrations and regional dialects. Surnames can also be altered over time by the addition or removal of accent marks and other letters as languages evolve.

Variations of the surname Schillings

The surname Schillings is a habitational name derived from the Middle Low German word ‘schillen’ meaning ‘clay soil’, which is usually associated with an ‘ing’ place name, such as Schillingshof or Schillingstedt. This surname is used in various forms around the world and the spellings and variants can vary from region to region.

In Germany, the surname is most commonly found as Schilling, Schillings, Schillinger, or Schillinge; and in Finland it is commonly spelled as Sillanpää. In some coastal areas of Europe it is spelled as Schillingsen or Schillingson. Other variants include Schillingsdotter, Schilliger, Schillinger and Sillinger.

In some cases, the surname is anglicized as Shelton or Shedlon. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the surname is rendered as Šilling in Czech and Szilling in Slovak. The Estonian form is Shilling.

In the United States and other English-speaking countries, popular spellings are Shelton, Shelden, Schilden, Schilder, Schilz, Schultheiss, Selton, Shellings, Shelten, or Schilling. There are also rare spellings such as Schille, Sill, Sillman, Schaldi, and Shillings.

Overall, some of the most common variants and surnames of Schillings are Schilling, Schillings, Schillinger, Schillinge, Sillanpää, Shelton, Shedlon, Šilling, Szilling, Shilling, Shelton, Shelden, Schilden, Schilder, Schilz, Schultheiss, Selton, Shellings, Shelten, Schille, Sill, Sillman, Schaldi, and Shillings.

Famous people with the name Schillings

  • Curt Schilling: Curt Schilling is a former professional baseball pitcher and ESPN analyst who played in Major League Baseball for 20 seasons, primarily with the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox. He is a six-time All-Star and a three-time World Series champion.
  • Florence Schilling: Florence Schilling was an American Art Deco, pottery, and ceramic artist. She was best known for her floral designs and stylized birds on the pieces.
  • Mark Schilling: Mark Schilling is an American film critic and author. He has written several books on Japanese film, including The Encyclopedia of Japanese Popular Culture (1999) and Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Film (1998).
  • Robert Schilling: Robert Schilling is an American astronomer who is a professor of Astronomy and Physics at California State University in Long Beach. He is known for his research on Mars, and was part of the imaging team for the second Pathfinder mission.
  • Gordon Schilling: Gordon Schilling is an American author and former Navy officer. He is the author of The 18th Abduction, part of the Vin Cooper series.
  • Jeff Schilling: Jeff Schilling is a former United States Army colonel and a cybersecurity expert. He is the Chief Security Officer at Armor and oversees the company’s strategic and tactical security operations worldwide.
  • Brandon Schilling: Brandon Schilling is an American Politician and member of the North Carolina House of Representatives representing the 50th district. He is also a small business owner and farmer.

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