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An Emotional Voyage into My Roots: iGENEA DNA Test and the Power of The Name 'Schlegel'

Family name Schlegel

Taking a journey into my roots through a DNA test with iGENEA lead me through an emotional roller coaster, bringing forth a wave of anticipation, pride, and elated discovery. The undertaking amplified my appreciation, and feeling of connection to my surname 'Schlegel', transforming the name from a mere identifier to a rich symbol of shared history and heritage.

Delving into my roots with iGENEA has been a never before experienced expedition, that bore a roller coaster of emotions and sentiments. As I embarked on this journey of self-discovery, the initial query was filled with curiosity, excitement, and apprehension. The entire experience, from receiving my DNA kit to unveiling the results, was a poignant life-altering journey.

Receiving the package was a moment of exhilaration. The neat packaging, carefully labelled tools and the easy-to-follow instructions provided a sense of reassurance and sparks of excitement for the awaited results. Performing the test itself, was simple and straigthforward - like sending a message to my ancestors and waiting for their response.

The wait for the results stirred within me an emotional storm of anticipation and anxiety. Each passing day, every passing hour, was flushed with nervous energy and thoughts about the possible revelations about my family and history. This unprecedented journey evoked within me a deeper sense of attachment to my roots and a stronger connection to my surname 'Schlegel'.

Finally, receiving the results brought forth an overwhelming avalanche of feelings. Seeing my genetic blueprint and uncovering my DNA ancestry was surreal. It felt like opening an old, dusty book of family history, meticulously archived over generations. The wealth of information that was unraveled about my origins and descent was mind-boggling and profound, altering my perception of my past, present and future.

The sense of pride and wonder amplified as I delved deeper into the Schlegel lineage. The name 'Schlegel', that I casually wore as a mere identifier had richer historical and cultural implications than I ever imagined. The name took on a deeper meaning, becoming not just a surname but a reminder of my great lineage and shared history.

iGENEA painted a vivid picture of my ancestors' journey through time and place. It felt like being threaded back into a grand tapestry of history, elevating my sense of belonging and identity. It transformed my understanding of family, making me realize it's not just a group of people I share blood ties with but a trans-generational continuum of shared history, heritage and legacy.

The whole experience stirred my soul, grounding me more into who I am and where I come from. It nourished my curiosity and fueled my imagination, encouraging me to probe deeper into the chapters of my ancestry. This experience with iGENEA has redrawn my self-portrait with a richer palette of colors, celebrating my roots and etching a deeper appreciation of my surname, 'Schlegel'.

K. Schlegel

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