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Surname Schmerl - Meaning and Origin

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Schmerl: What does the surname Schmerl mean?

The last name Schmerl is of German origin. It is derived from the Old German word “schmer” which means strength or power. The name would have originally given to someone who possessed a strong character or fortitude. The name is most commonly found in the states of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, and North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

The surnames Schmerl, Schimmel, and Schmeling are all derived from the same root word, which has made it difficult to trace the specific origin of the Schmerl name. As surnames are generally passed down through family lines, the exact history of this name could be lost over time.

Today, Schmerl is an uncommon surname. It is usually found among German and European people with Jewish ancestry. Those bearing the Schmerl name are likely to be of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, as this is an area where the German language has been spoken for hundreds of years.

Overall, the Schmerl surname has a long heritage of strong and powerful individuals. Whether it was courage, perseverance, or strength, the people carrying this name have been known to be leaders and purposeful in their actions. The Schmerl legacy will no doubt continue in the modern world.

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Schmerl: Where does the name Schmerl come from?

The last name Schmerl is most commonly found today in parts of Central and Eastern Europe such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland. It is also present in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Scandinavian countries.

The origin of the Schmerl name is unclear, but it is believed that the name originated in the Middle Ages when Silesian immigrants began settling in the German lands. It is likely that the word ‘schmerl’ was used to describe an area where a person could obtain amenities, such as food and shelter. Over time, this term became the name of a family and is believed to mean a trader.

In Germany, the Schmerl name is more common in Bavaria, especially in the lower Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau. In Austria, the name is most common in Vienna and Lower Austria. In Hungary, the name is found in some parts of the country, with the strongest concentration in the South of the country.

The Schmerl family has been in existence for centuries, with many individuals having become prominent in various fields. Members of the Schmerl family can be found in the fields of education, commerce, politics, and the arts.

Today, the Schmerl family is still growing as its members spread out across the world. It is a large and diverse family with members from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The common thread of the Schmerl family is their strong family ties and loyalty.

Variations of the surname Schmerl

The surname Schmerl is of German or Ashkenazi Jewish origin. It is found in the spelling variants Schmerel, Schmerle, Schmerl, Schmerlin, Schmeral, and Shelmerl. All of these variants are derived from the German word 'Schmerz', which translates as 'pain' or 'suffering' in English.

The surname can also be found with variants in other languages. In Yiddish, it can be spelled as שמערעל, and is sometimes transliterated to Shemerle. In Czech, Schmerl can be spelled as Slaboch or Šlaboch, while in Hungarian, it is Szabóch. In Polish, it can be found as Szufluch and in Slovak, it is Šlaboch.

Surnames that are related to Schmerl, but are also of different origins, include Schmalz, Shmalz, Schmaltz, Smalts, Schmelzer, and Smelzer. These surnames are derived from the German word 'Schmalz', which translates to 'grease', 'lard', or 'fat'.

Additionally, the surname Schemerl is an Austrian variant of the German Schmerl. This surname is derived from an old French term 'eschemir', which was used to describe a person who was watchful.

In conclusion, Schmerl is a surname of German or Ashkenazi Jewish origin that is found in multiple spellings and variants, and also has related surnames of different origins.

Famous people with the name Schmerl

  • Max Schmerl, Austrian-American architect.
  • August Wilhelm Schmerl, German composer and musicologist.
  • Robert Schmerl, American bridge player and bridge historian.
  • Percy Schmerl, American composer and conductor.
  • Paul Schmerl, American actor and screenwriter.
  • Benno Schmerl, Austrian actor, musician and songwriter.
  • Alisa Schmerl, American actress and model.
  • Paulina Schmerl, Argentinian film and television actress.
  • Kaye Schmerl, American artist, illustrator, jewelry designer, and filmmaker.
  • Charles Schmerl, American real estate developer and philanthropist.

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