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Surname Schollenmeyer - Meaning and Origin

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Schollenmeyer: What does the surname Schollenmeyer mean?

The last name Schollenmeyer is of German origin. It is most likely derived from the Middle High German word “scholle” meaning “plate” or “saucer.” It is thought to be an occupational name for a potter or other such producer of pottery, or perhaps the maker of saucers and plates.

The name is a rare one, typically found in southern Germany, Bavaria, and Austria. It likely came to these areas of Europe with immigrants from Northern Germany. It is documented as early as the 19th century in records such as civil registration systems, census, and directories.

The meaning of the Schollenmeyer surname, therefore, is most likely related to a person having worked in the pottery industry, perhaps as a potter, a dipper, or even as some kind of moulder. The name is also another indication of the importance of the pottery industry in German history, as ceramics have been made in the region since the Bronze Age.

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Schollenmeyer: Where does the name Schollenmeyer come from?

The last name Schollenmeyer is primarily found in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In Germany, the name has its origins in the region of the Rhineland-Palatinate, which is in the southwestern area of the country. This region has a long history of customs, including the practice of having family surnames. The region is part of the larger German cultural area known as Germany-Netherlands, which means it has strong historic ties to what is now the Netherlands.

It is very likely that Schollenmeyer can be found throughout Germany, and it could also be found throughout the surrounding countries in the German cultural area. Specifically, it would be most common in the southern areas of Austria and around Lake Constance in Switzerland.

In the United States, the surname Schollenmeyer would likely be found among people of German or Dutch ancestry. It is possible that the name could also be found among individuals with Swiss heritage, although this would be quite rare. For US records, Schollenmeyer is most likely to appear among German records from the 19th century and beyond.

Overall, the last name Schollenmeyer has a strong connection to the German cultural area, and its origins can be traced back to the Rhineland-Palatinate of Germany. It is most common in the countries of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, although it can also be found among individuals with German or Dutch ancestry in the United States.

Variations of the surname Schollenmeyer

The surname Schollenmeyer is derived from a German personal name consisting of the elements “Scholle” and “Meyer”, meaning “farmer of the Scholle family”. As such, many variants of the surname exist, including: Schollmeyer, Schollemeyer, Schollemeijer, Scholmeyer, Schullemeyer, Schullmeyer, Schöllmeyer and Schollenmeijer.

In the United States, some variants are seen with only one “l,” such as Scholenmeyer, Scholmeyer and Schollmeyer. Additionally, the suffix may appear with an “r” instead of an “er,” like Schollenmier or Schollmeyer.

Many surnames derived from the Schollenmeyer root come with a modified first part. For instance, Scholberg, derived by adding a “b” to the “Scholle” part of the name, is pluralized in German to Scholbergs and Schultbergs. The name may also appear as Scholtenmeyer by adding an “n” to the beginning, or Schultenmeyer, which is derived by adding an “l” to the beginning of the name.

There are also a few French variants of the name. These include Schollenmmier, Schollmier and Schollenmiez.

Finally, in Scotland, the name may be seen in its original form as Schollenmeijer and also as Schoolmeister.

Famous people with the name Schollenmeyer

  • Thomas Schollenmeyer: American novelist best known for his work The Year Between.
  • Joe Schollenmeyer: Former football coach at the University of Evansville.
  • Jake Schollenmeyer: Legendary college baseball coach who led University of Evansville to six conference championships.
  • Chris Schollenmeyer: Former NFL running back who played for the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Curt Schollenmeyer: All-Pro baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Russell Schollenmeyer: American poet and professor at the Sage Colleges of Albany.
  • Kurt Schollenmeyer: American artist specializing in landscape and figurative painting.
  • Ed Schollenmeyer: Music producer and composer, best known for his production work on the hit TV show Step by Step.
  • Cheryl Schollenmeyer: Politician and former Minnesota state senator.
  • Mark Schollenmeyer: Modernist architect known for his futuristic designs.

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