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Surname Schollmaier - Meaning and Origin

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Schollmaier: What does the surname Schollmaier mean?

The last name Schollmaier is a Germanic name with several possible origins. One origin of the name is derived from the German words “schol” and “maier,” which come from the old Germanic words “scholia” and “magaer” meaning “scholar” and “mason,” respectively. This may be an occupational name for a scholarly Mason or perhaps a scholar who was related to a Mason. Another possible origin of the name is from the German words “schol” and “meier,” which comes from the old Germanic word “maere” meaning “mayor.” This suggests a political background to the Schollmaier family, possibly relating to an official or mayor of a town. The last name Schollmaier is found mainly in Southern Germany, and is still in use today. Whether its origin is based on trade or political influence, there is no question that the name is steeped in Germanic heritage.

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Schollmaier: Where does the name Schollmaier come from?

The last name Schollmaier is most commonly found in Germany and Austria today. According to the National Names Index, Schollmaier is the 12,516th most common surname in Germany and is ranked 12,307th in Austria. The surname did not originate in either of these countries however, but likely originated in an area now located in the Czech Republic. It is also found in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The surname is usually found in towns or villages with the word "mayer" or "mair", which was the occupation of the ancestors who first bore the name. The earliest instances of the surname have been recorded as Scholmaier, Scholrair and Scholmair.

The Schollmaier family originally came from the region around the border between Czech, Austria and Germany. They likely were involved in the farming, milling, and transport of forest goods. Some of the family immigrated to different parts of Germany, with clusters appearing in Bavaria, Westphalia, Saxony and the Rhineland.

Although the surname is still relatively common in Germany and Austria, it has spread to other countries as well. It can now be found in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the 2010 census found the surname Schollmaier could be found in the states of California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Variations of the surname Schollmaier

The surname Schollmaier is of German origin and is derived from the words ‘schollen’, meaning a plow furrow, and ‘meier’, meaning a farmer or steward. Therefore, the name could mean a steward or farmer of a plow furrow. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Scholmaier, Schollmeier, Scholmeier, Scholmaire, and Schollmaire. The German spelling is Schöllmaier, and in the Swedish language, this name could be spelled Schöllmayer or Schöllmeyer. In Dutch, the spelling for Schollmaier is Schollmeyer or Schollmeijer.

The surname is also found in English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. During the 18th and 19th centuries, a few American families with the surname Schollmaier emigrated from Germany. In the US, some spelling variants are Shollmaier, Schallmaier, Scholmayer, and Sholmayer.

There are other related surnames that hold the same origin, such as Sholle, Sholla, and Scholly. In France, the similar equivalent of the surname is Scholla or Scholler. In Slavic languages, the spelling could be Scholomajer, Scholomajr, or Scholomayer. Additionally, there are some variants in the United States such as Sholomay, Scholomayer, Shobalmaier, and Sholomain.

In conclusion, there are several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the German surname Schollmaier. These variations and spellings appear in various countries where German is spoken, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and some Slavic countries.

Famous people with the name Schollmaier

  • Hans Schollmaier, German industrialist, father of Carola Schollmaier, founder of the industrial firm Schollmaier Group.
  • Carola Schollmaier, German entrepreneur and businesswoman, daughter of Hans Schollmaier, founder of the industrial firm Schollmaier Group.
  • Friedrich Schollmaier, German politician, member of the Christian Democratic Union.
  • Jörg Schollmaier, German politician, member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.
  • Lutz Schollmaier, German historian, professor at the University of Munich.
  • Alwin Schollmaier, German chemist, Director of the Max Planck Institutes for Solid State Sciences.
  • Peter Schollmaier, German stage, film and television actor.
  • Pia Schollmaier, German television presenter.
  • Robert Schollmaier, German lawyer, professor of civil law at the University of Munich.
  • Sydney Schollmaier, German sailor and Olympic athlete.

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