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Surname Schollmanns - Meaning and Origin

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Schollmanns: What does the surname Schollmanns mean?

The last name Schollmanns is of German origin; it originated in the region of the Rhine and is still most commonly seen in southern Germany. The name likely derived from the Middle German word "scholman", which means "teacher". This could indicate that the original bearer of the name was a teacher, or that education was an important part of their lives.

The closest English translation of the Schollmanns surname is could be Smith, as both surnames are occupational names, meaning they derived from someone's profession. It is possible that the original bearer of the Schollmanns name worked in metal crafts, such as blacksmithing.

Schollmanns is also commonly found among Ashkenazi Jews, who adopted surnames during the 19th century. The name might have been used by Jews who originally had other Jewish surnames. In both German Christian and Jewish communities, Schollmanns was a common surname.

Schollmanns is thought to be an ancient surname, with records of it dating as far back as the 12th century. Its meaning as an occupational name would have been applicable at the time, and the name is believed to have been taken up by different families at different times and places. From the 13th century onward, records begin to show Schollmanns as a surname for many different families throughout northern Germany.

Overall, the Schollmanns surname likely derived from its original bearer's profession, that of a teacher. The name is still common today in both German Christian and Jewish communities, and is likely to continue to be seen in the future.

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Schollmanns: Where does the name Schollmanns come from?

The last name Schollmanns is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The name can be found in many of the smaller towns and cities throughout the region, as well as in larger cities such as Berlin, Munich, Vienna, and Zürich. It is also fairly common in the bordering countries of Poland, France, and the Netherlands.

It is difficult to accurately determine how many people in Europe bear the last name Schollmanns, as records only track people who are born into the family line. However, it is reasonable to estimate that more than 50,000 people in the region have the name.

Within the United States, the name Schollmanns is less common. There are fewer than 3,000 people bearing the last name in the United States and Canada combined. In the United States, the most prominent concentrations of citizens bearing this surname can be found in New York, Illinois, and California.

Given its roots in Germanic culture, the spelling of the name in non-German countries may vary. People outside of Europe may be more likely to encounter variants such as Shollmans, Schollman, Schallman, Schollmans, Schallmans, and Scholmanns.

Variations of the surname Schollmanns

The surname Schollmanns is classified as a German or Dutch surname derived from the German variant Schollman, which has several related variants, spellings, and surnames.

The Dutch variant is Scholman or Scholmans. The German variants are Scholl, Schol, and Schoell. The Swedish spelling is Schullah.

Variants of Schollmanns often include Schoenmanns, Schonemanns, Schoenemanns or Schoonemanns. The French spelling is Deschommeaux.

Surnames sharing the same origin as Schollmanns include Scholma, Schlenman, Sleeman, Schooman, and Schoeman. These other related surnames have often been referenced in records by the surname’s German spelling variants, as Scholmans, Scholl, Schol, or Schoenemanns.

The origins of the surname are likely from Middle German "scholleman" which means "teacher," or "schollen man" which translates roughly to "the man of importance." Thus, Schollmanns is rooted in the meaning of an important and educated person.

Famous people with the name Schollmanns

  • Michael Schollmanns: a German veteran, sportsman, and corporate leader, best known for his multiple strategic decisions as the former CEO of Faurecia, popular auto parts supplier for many car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Renault-Nissan.
  • Dennis Schollmanns: consists of a German Association football administrator and former player who is also the new president of the German Football Association.
  • Philipp Schollmanns: an architect and head of design at the renowned architectural firm Bau Art in Munich.
  • Michaela Schollmanns: a German professional tennis player who competed in the 2017 Fed Cup, making it to the quarterfinals of the tournament.
  • Fabian Schollmanns: a German child actor best known for his performances in the films, Boys Who Dance and Wag the Dog.
  • Martina Schollmanns: a multi-award winning German cinematographer. She was also the official cinematographer for the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.
  • Lothar Schollmanns: German business executive, known for his involvement in various companies in the automotive industry such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Adam Opel AG.
  • Ansgar Schollmanns: studied physics at the University of Münster, as well as media and IT. Awarded his doctorate in renewable energy and worked as a lecturer at the University of Münster.
  • Wolfgang Schollmanns: an accomplished German composer, arranger, and conductor, active in the jazz arena, who received the prestigious ECHO Jazz award.
  • Andreas Schollmanns: A renowned German sculptor, best known for his naturalistic multinational sculptures, focusing on topics such as urban identity, sustainability, and the environment.

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