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Surname Scholtis - Meaning and Origin

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Scholtis: What does the surname Scholtis mean?

The last name Scholtis is of German origin, derived from the Old German terms “scholt” and “is” which essentially translate to “one who guards or protects”. The name Scholtis likely originated as an occupational surname, indicating that in past generations, a Scholtis ancestor or relatives may have worked as an “owner of a protective estate” or a “keeper of ledgers or accounts”.

The surname Scholtis is fairly uncommon throughout the world, but can be found primarily in German speaking countries such as Germany as well as countries on the continent such as Austria and Switzerland and in the United States. In these areas, the last name may be most common in immigrant communities, or in those with strong links to German ancestry such as individuals with German immigrant grandparents or ancestral roots in the region.

The linguistic and historical roots of the Scholtis surname indicate that individuals with this name come from proud and dignified lineage. The name not only carries a proud sense of protection, but also a rich history and cultural heritage.

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Scholtis: Where does the name Scholtis come from?

The last name Scholtis is most commonly found in Europe today, particularly in Germany. In 2019, it was reported that the last name Scholtis was the 4,529th most common surname in Germany. It is estimated that there are currently around 5,800 people who bear this name living in Germany.

The last name Scholtis has also been found in other countries throughout Europe, including Austria, Poland and the Netherlands. It is likely that individuals with this last name have a German or Dutch lineage.

In the United States, the last name Scholtis has also been found, particularly in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. The last name likely arrived with immigrants from Europe who settled in America in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Finally, the last name Scholtis has been found in other parts of the world as well. It has been documented in Canada, China and Australia, although not in very large numbers.

Overall, the last name Scholtis is quite rare. It is estimated that there are fewer than 10,000 people bearing the name and its variants currently living around the world. The last name appears to most commonly be found in Europe, but it has also been identified in other areas of the world.

Variations of the surname Scholtis

The surname Scholtis is of German origin and has various spellings and variants. It is derived from the Old German word 'scholt', meaning 'servant' or 'farmer' and is thought to have been an occupational name for someone who worked or owned a farm.

Common variants of Scholtis include Scholtes, Scholtesz, Scholte, Scholtese, Scholz, Schoelte, Schölte, Schoelte, Schöltes, Schoeltes, Schoeltse, Schöltz, Schoelz, Schölz, and Scholtisz.

Common spelling variants of Scholtis include Scholtiz, Scholtiss, Scholtissz, Scholtes, Scholtiss, Scholtissz, Scholtisse, and Scholtissez.

In some cases, this surname has been split into two parts - Scholt and Is. Variants of Scholt include Scholte, Scholz, Schoelte, and Schölte, while variants of Is include Ise and Isz.

Due to immigrations or emigration of Scholtis family members, this surname may also be seen spelled in other languages, such as French, Dutch, or English. French variants of Scholtis include Choltis and Choltisse, while Dutch variants include Scholtijs and Scholtijses. English variants include Scholtis, Scholtise, Scholteise, and Scholteisez.

In some cases, Scholtis may also appear as a given name. Commonly used as a first name, Scholtis may also be seen spelled as Scholte, Schoelte, Schölte, Scholteise, and Scholtise.

Famous people with the name Scholtis

  • Air Force Colonel David Scholtis: A recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, Colonel Scholtis served in the Air Force for over 24 years. He was the Director of Legislative Liaison for the Air Force Personnel Council from 2004 to 2006.
  • Emma Scholtis: A model, actress, and bodybuilder, Emma Scholtis has been featured in magazines such as Women's Health and Muscle and Fitness and has starred in movies such as "The Doorman".
  • Tom Scholtis: Tom Scholtis is a professional beach volleyball player and coach who has represented the United States in the sport at least four times in international competitions.
  • Jennifer Scholtis: An entrepreneur and business executive, Jennifer Scholtis founded the successful health and wellness company Fitrition. She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Lia Scholtis: Lia Scholtis is a professional surfer who has been competing since she was a teenager. She has won several contests and has been featured on the covers of Thrasher and Surf Girl Magazine.
  • Ryan Scholtis: Ryan Scholtis is an actor best known for his role as Billy Beezer on the Nickelodeon television series “The Flying Bananaqueen". He has also appeared in films such as "High School Idol" and "Normal Life".
  • Scott Scholtis: Scott Scholtis is a sculptor and glass-blower whose work has been exhibited all over the world. His pieces focus on wildlife conservation and sustainable materials.
  • Mary Scholtis: Mary Scholtis is a poet and author whose collection "The Life of Trees" won the 2018 National Book Award for Poetry. She has also written for publications such as the New York Times and the Harvard Review.

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