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Surname Scholtz - Meaning and Origin

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Scholtz: What does the surname Scholtz mean?

The surname Scholtz is of German origin, derived from the personal name "Schultz." It comes from the Middle Low German "Schulte," which means "village headman" or "mayor." The term was often used as an occupational name for someone holding this position in their community. In medieval Germany, a Schultz was a man responsible for collecting dues and paying them to the lord of the manor. Possibly, the Springer family held a position of the village headman or mayor, which then became a family surname. Over time and with geographical movement, the name has seen variations in its spelling such as Schulz, Schultz, Scholz, and Scholtz. Although it is widely associated with Germany, the name can be found in several other European countries due to historical migration.

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Scholtz: Where does the name Scholtz come from?

The last name Scholtz is most commonly found in Germany today. It was derived from the German Schulze, which was the term for the village head in earlier times. It was then used as a last name of someone who lived in the area and a title of someone who held a managerial position in their region. It is thought to have first been used in the 12th century and by the 17th century it had become one of the most popular surnames in Germany.

Outside of Germany, the name is also common in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland where it can be spelled as Szoltz or Szolc. It is also found in other countries such as the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom in smaller numbers.

In the United States, the Scholtz family originated mainly from German immigrants who settled in the mid-late 1800s. Today, Scholtz is mainly found in large cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Some branches of the family have moved to other regions such as Canada, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Scholtz is an old German name that has become an international family. It is now spread throughout Europe and North and South America, and is also becoming more and more popular each year.

Variations of the surname Scholtz

The surname Scholtz is generally believed to have German and Dutch origins. In both countries, it is usually spelled Scholz or Schultze, while different variants of this surname exist in other countries.

In Germany, the Scholtz surname is derived from the Middle High German word ‘scholz’ meaning ‘small area of land’, ‘farmstead’ or a ‘clearing’. The spelling variations include Scholz, Schulz, Scholte, Schoelz, Scholtes, and Scholtzmann.

In the Netherlands, the surname 'Scholtz’ is derived from the Middle Low German word ‘scholt’, meaning ‘servant’ or ‘laborer’. Also, the Dutch ‘scholte’ meaning ‘lowly’. Variants include Schol, Scholde, Schultze, Scholten, and Scholtens.

In other countries, like Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary, the spelling ‘Scholz’ is common. Variants are Scholze, Schults, and Schulz.

In Ireland, the most common spelling is O'Schultz, which is an anglicized form of the original German surname—Schulz. The spelling variations include Scholz, Schultz, Schulte, Shultz, Scholte, Scholtes, Schulteis, and Schulze.

In the United States, other spellings used for the Scholtz surname are Shultz, Soltz, Schulze, Scholtze, and Schult. Variations include Schulze, Schult, Schulz, Soltz, Scholte, Scholte, Schulteis, and Schultzman.

Famous people with the name Scholtz

  • Anna Scholtz: South African actress and singer
  • David Scholtz: politician and ninth Chief Minister of the Cape Province
  • Emil Scholtz: Zimbabwean Anglican bishop
  • Gehard Scholtz: German composer and conductor
  • Janet Scholtz: South African TV presenter and radio host
  • John-Henry Scholtz: South African track and field athlete
  • Norbert Scholtz: German tenor
  • Paul Scholtz: American Olympic equestrian
  • Rik Scholtz: New Zealand Rugby Union player
  • Steve Scholtz: American professional wrestler
  • Williams Scholtz: South African long-distance runner
  • Wolfgang Schöltz: Swiss cyclist
  • Bodo Scholtz: German professor of medicine
  • Gary Scholtz: American actor, producer, and writer
  • Gert Scholtz: South African actor, singer, and television host
  • Devin Scholtz: South African swimmer
  • Edsel Scholtz: American football player
  • Lee Scholtz: South African rugby union player
  • Paul Scholtz: American basketball player
  • Percy Scholtz: South African actor
  • Werner Scholtz: German physicist

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