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Surname Schomer - Meaning and Origin

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Schomer: What does the surname Schomer mean?

The surname Schomer is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German term "schouwære" or "schouwe" which signifies a type of "looker," "observer," or "examiner." The term was typically used for a person who held the occupation of an inspector or assessor, particularly of weights and measures. It could also refer to a night watchman who was expected to observe and report any suspicious occurrences. As a surname, Schomer may have been an occupational surname given to individuals holding such positions. Over time, the name has undergone various spelling modifications according to regional dialects and phonetic interpretations. Every surname carries with it a unique history and cultural background, and the surname Schomer is no exception. It provides a glimpse into the individual's ancestral occupation and societal role.

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Schomer: Where does the name Schomer come from?

The last name Schomer is generally associated with people of German and Dutch descent. It is believed to be a patronymic name, deriving from the original German surname "Schömer", meaning "he who fears or hesitates". This name has been used since at least the 16th century and is still common in Central and Northern Europe. It is also common among families who emigrated from Germany and the Netherlands to the United States, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Today, Schomer is most common in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Belgium. In Germany, it is most common in the south, whereas in the Netherlands it is especially prevalent in the provinces of Overijssel and Noord-Holland. In the U.S., Schomer is most found in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Illinois, although it can be found in other states.

Since the meaning of Schomer has historical religious roots, it is not uncommon for the name to have various spellings. For instance, "Schoehmer" and "Schomer" are both quite common. Likewise, the spelling of the name may vary by country.

Overall, the last name Schomer is still common today, particularly among those descended from German and Dutch immigrants. It is most common in Central and Northern Europe and among the descendants of those who migrated to other countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia.

Variations of the surname Schomer

Schomer is an occupational surname of German and Dutch origin meaning 'merchant', 'shopkeeper' or 'tradesman'. It is most commonly spelled Schömer in German, and variations such as Schömmer, Schömmers, Schömmar, Scheumer, Schoemans, Schouma, Schoumans, Schoumacher, Schömermann, Schömers, Schomers, Schommers, Schoumans and Schoeymans can be found in both the Netherlands and Germany.

In Germany, it is also found spelled Schommer, Shömmar, Schomer, Schomar, Schommar, Schäumer, Scheumer, Schoumer, Sömmer, Scheumlein, Schumacher, and other similar variations.

In the United States, the Schomer surname is largely of German origin, but it may also have been adapted from Dutch or Scandinavian spelling. Common spelling variants found in the United States are Schomers, Schommer, Shammer, Schamer, Schramer, Schramm, Schiber, and Schive.

In the Netherlands, the Schomer surname is found spelled Scomer, Schoumer or Schoumacher, and other variations. In Denmark, it is found spelled either Schoumer or Schoumacher.

Overall, the Schomer surname is derived from an occupational name and can be found with several spelling variations, depending on region, language and nationality.

Famous people with the name Schomer

  • Fred Schomer: American singer/songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist
  • Avi Schomer: American television and film producer
  • Jared Schomer: American basketball player
  • Dina Schomer: American actress
  • Simon Schomer: German-British music producer
  • Daniel Schomer: American composer, musical director, and conductor
  • Sara Schomer: German-American businesswoman, author, and entrepreneur
  • Mike Schomer: American actor and comedian
  • Eric Schomer: American musician and singer
  • John Schomer: American actor and voice actor

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