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Surname Schriver - Meaning and Origin

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Schriver: What does the surname Schriver mean?

Schriver is a surname of German origin. The name is an Anglicized version of the German term "Schröder" or "Shroder," which translates to "tailor" or "cutter" in English. This suggests that the ancestors who first had this name likely pursued a career in tailoring or garment making. The name probably falls into the category of occupational surnames — names derived from the profession or craft of the original bearer. Surnames of this type became necessary when governments started imposing personal taxation. In England, this practice is commonly recognized as Poll Tax. It is not uncommon to find variations of spellings due to translations and Anglicanization, and Schriver is one such example. Civil registry errors also led to many different versions of the same original surname.

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Schriver: Where does the name Schriver come from?

The last name Schriver is primarily found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States. The origin of the name is believed to be of German origin. In Germany, Schriver is most prevalent in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, followed by North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, and Baden-Wurttemberg.

In the United States, the Census indicates that the last name Schriver is most commonly found in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, Michigan, and Minnesota. The 2000 US Census reports the highest concentration of Schriver families in Pennsylvania, while the 2011 US Census reports that Schriver is most concentrated in Pennsylvania and is the 1,274th most common last name in the country.

In Switzerland the last name Schriver is the 508th most frequent last name, with a population of 705 Schriver's families living in Switzerland. The origin of the name is mostly from German-speaking Switzerland, while it is also popular in French-speaking Switzerland.

Schriver is also a common surname in Austria with an estimated 1,496 families living in Austria with the last name Schriver. The largest concentration is found in Vienna followed by Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg.

Today, Schriver is a common name found throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States, with the highest concentrations found in Germany, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, and Austria.

Variations of the surname Schriver

The surname Schriver has several alternate spellings and related surnames. The most commonly seen variant spellings for Schriver include Shriver, Shrivver, Shreiver, Schreiver, Shryver, Shryer, Shriver, Schriver, Shrever, Shriever, Shrivers, and Schryer.

Schriver and its variants are German given names that originated as an occupational surname for a river or stream navigator, derived from the Old High German word ‘scrifero’. The variants Shriver and Schryer are also derived from the German word 'schriewer', meaning 'scribe' or 'book-keeper'.

Schriver is also related to the surname Schreiber, which is a variation of an older German term for 'scribe'. This German term was used to describe a person who wrote documents and kept records. Schreiber is also related to the German word ‘schrībere’, which is a form of the verb ‘schreiben’, meaning ‘to write’.

In the United States, Schriver is fairly common in some states like Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana while the variants such as Shrieve, Schryer, Shryver, Shriever, Shreiver, and Shriver are more common in states like Virginia, New Jersey, and Ohio.

In Germany, the Schriver surname is more common in the northern and western regions of the country. It is also not uncommon to see the surname in Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. In other parts of Europe, variants of the surname can be found, such as Schreiber, Schreiver, Schryer, Schriver, Shriver, or Shreiver.

Famous people with the name Schriver

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: Actor, former Governor of California, and international celebrity
  • Maria Shriver: Journalist, author, and former First Lady of California
  • Bobby Shriver: Social activist, lawyer and former Santa Monica, California city council member
  • Mark Shriver: Politician, businessman, and philanthropist
  • Anthony Shriver: Activist for people with intellectual disabilities and founder of Best Buddies International
  • Tom Shriver: Olympic gold medalist in swimming
  • Robert Sargeant Shriver Jr.: Founder of the Peace Corps
  • Mark Kennedy Shriver: Author, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist
  • Timothy Shriver: Chairman of the Special Olympics
  • Christopher Kennedy Shriver: Social entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Joseph P. Kennedy III: U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
  • David A. Shriver: Musician, arranger, and producer
  • Warrington Shriver: Attorney, civil rights activist, and pioneering leader in the public interest law movement
  • Richard Shriver: Ornithologist and Professor of Biology
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Environmental activist and lawyer
  • Teresa Heinz Kerry: Philanthropist and former U.S Senator's wife
  • Patrick Schriver: Actor
  • Mark Schriver: Author, policymaker, and business leader
  • Douglas Schriver: Equine sportsmedicine specialist
  • John Schriver: Founding member of the National Deaf Soccer Team
  • Suzanne Shriver: Author and news anchor

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