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Surname Scroggins - Meaning and Origin

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Scroggins: What does the surname Scroggins mean?

The surname Scroggins is of English origin, taken from a place name. The most likely sources are two locations that existed in ancient times known as Scroggs or Scrogges, which are said to be found in West Yorkshire, one near Halifax, and the other in the West Riding. This geographical surname was most probably given to a person who lived or worked near such places. The term "Scroggs" itself denotes uncultivated land covered with brushwood or scrub, originating from the Northern Middle English word "scrog", which means shrub or bush. So, broadly speaking, the last name Scroggins essentially means 'person from or near scrubby land'. In heraldry, the Scroggins coat of arms includes three hedgehogs, which may relate back to the name’s origin as a place covered in shrub or bushes, an environment where hedgehogs are often found. It should be noted that surname origins can be tough to confirm definitively, so these interpretations should be viewed as possibilities based on historical documentation and linguistic analysis.

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Scroggins: Where does the name Scroggins come from?

The last name Scroggins is of English origin, likely from an Anglo-Saxon, Old French or Middle English name. It is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia. In fact, Arkansas is the state with the most Scroggins, accounting for approximately 1.1% of the population. The name is also commonly found in England.

The United Kingdom has the second most frequent occurrence of the Scroggins surname, particularly in South East England such as in Surrey, Kent and London. Other common countries of occurrence are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Scroggins family is highly active in the US South and England, making up some prominent and influential families. In the US South, particularly in rural areas, Scroggins' can often be found on local businesses or local organizations. In England, members of the Scroggins family have established some of the area's more prominent historical landmarks, such as St Mary's Church in Moulsford, Oxfordshire.

Overall, the last name Scroggins can be found today in countries all around the world. However, the concentration is particularly high in the US and England. In the US, the Scroggins family is proud of their southern heritage; in England, the Scroggins have created long-standing roots in the local community. All in all, the last name Scroggins continues to be a presence in many different countries to this day.

Variations of the surname Scroggins

The surname Scroggins has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These may include:

- Scroggin

- Scogin

- Scrogin

- Scrogen

- Scragin

- Scroggan

- Scrogham

- Scroghan

- Scroggen

- Scroggin

- Scrogins

- Scroggling

- Scroggs

- Scroggs

- Scrogins

- Scoggins

- Scroggen

The surname Scroggins is believed to have originated from a toponymic name, derived from the Old English word 'scrogg', which meant a small wood or hill. It's possible the name originated from someone dwelling near a prominent small wood or hill. People with the surname Scroggins are believed to have originated from the Midlands of England, and from places such as Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Lancashire.

Variations of the surname Scroggins can be found in many different countries, particularly the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Some prominent people with the surname Scroggins include the American television writer and producer Jill Scroggins, American locomotive engineer Bill Scroggin, the British actor Cliff Scroggins, and American professor and artist Taliaferro Scroggin.

Scroggs, Scrogin, Scrogen, Scrogham, Scroghan, and Scroggen are similar spellings of the same surname. Some variations have been also found in the forms Scogin, Scoggins, Scraggins, and Scroggan.

Overall, the surname Scrogginsis is quite common, found throughout the English-speaking world. Its variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin attest to its longevity, evolution, and popularity.

Famous people with the name Scroggins

  • Andy Scroggins: American actor, producer, director and author
  • Bill Scroggins: American sprint canoeist
  • Brittany Scroggins: American entrepreneur, CEO, and marketing strategist
  • Darrell Scroggins: American college basketball coach
  • David Scroggins: American country and bluegrass singer
  • Derrick Scroggins: American actor, artist, and producer
  • Fred Scroggins: American racetrack announcer
  • James Scroggins: American former professional basketball player
  • Jay Scroggins: American former NASCAR driver
  • Kyle C. Scroggins: American former college football coach
  • Matt Scroggins: American independent filmmaker
  • Matthew Scroggins: American former professional football player
  • Michael Scroggins: American former professional football player
  • Travis Scroggins: American former professional football player
  • William Scroggins: American lawyer and judge

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