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Surname Seads - Meaning and Origin

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Seads: What does the surname Seads mean?

The last name Seads is of English origin. It originates from the Old English words 'saed' and 'saedan', both of which mean to 'sow' or 'plant'. Thus, the original meaning of the surname may have been a reference to one's profession as a farmer or a gardener.

In addition, the Seads surname could also be a variation of the Old English personal name ‘Sead’, which was derived from word ‘saedan’ meaning 'to sow or plant'. There are other possible derivations of the surname, such as from a place name, in which case it would be a habitational name referring to someone who lived in an area renowned for agriculture.

The Seads surname could also have been derived from a toponymic, which is a name derived from a place name. In this case, the surname could have been derived from any number of places such as Sayde in Essex, Sands in Bedfordshire, Sadbourgh in Suffolk, Saith in Essex or Sads in Lancashire.

Overall, the last name Seads is a surname derived from an agricultural profession, a personal name, or a place name. It likely has a very old history, with the name having existed since Anglo-Saxon times.

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Seads: Where does the name Seads come from?

The last name Seads is of English origin, and its current concentrations are found in many English-speaking nations around the world.

In the United Kingdom, Seads has been found in all four nations; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Although the number of people with this name is small, its most common concentrations are found in the south of England. Records suggest that the Seads name is most concentrated in the county of Kent, which includes London and its southern suburbs, and the county of Warwickshire.

In the United States, the last name Seads is still found but is most commonly located in states such as California, Arizona, and North Carolina. For the past several decades, more and more people with this name have made their homes in the southern and western United States, particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Other countries with substantial populations of Seads include Canada, Australia, and South Africa. In Canada, the Seads surname is generally concentrated in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, while in Australia it is most common in New South Wales and Victoria. In South Africa, the last name is found in significant numbers in the Eastern Cape province.

Overall, the last name Seads is still apparent in most English-speaking countries around the world, although its overall numbers remain relatively low.

Variations of the surname Seads

Seads is an uncommon surname mostly found in the Eastern United States and Canada. It is an Anglicized form of the Old German-language surname Schädts or Schädtz. The variants and alternate spellings of the surname are Shad, Schad, Schadts, Schadtz, Shadz, Shahd, Shed and Shaid.

Seads can also be traced back to the Czech Republic, where there it is spelled Šead. This spelling is also found in Slovakia, where it is spelled Šed. In France, the Seads surname is usually spelled Shad or Chahod.

In Norway, Sweden and Finland, variants of this surname include Schädts, Schatt, Schedetz, Schattz, Schetz, and Schadtz. In Germany there are many spelling variations, such as Schädz or Schätz, Schätzte, Schudtte, Schetzer, Schädter, Schätz and Schätzel.

In some parts of the United States and Canada, the surname is found spelled as Shead, Shed, Shadz, Shaad, Shadd, or Schaad. The name also appears as Schod, Schodtz, Seds, Siemensky, and Siemenski in some countries. In Poland, the surname is usually spelled Szed or Szted.

In England, spellings vary from Saad to Saed, Shad, and Shed. All spellings of the name presumably come ultimately from Schädts or Schädtz, which is derived from "schade" which is the German word for harm or damage.

Famous people with the name Seads

  • Mick Seads: Mike Seads is an English former professional footballer who played as a midfielder in the Football League for Birmingham City and Chester City.
  • Dametri Seads: Dametri Seads is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the New York Knicks.
  • Jamie Seads: Jamie Seads is an American National Basketball Association (NBA) Coach and former player for the Denver Nuggets.
  • Shayne Seads: Shayne Seads is a Canadian actor who has appeared in films, television and theatre.
  • Kimberly Seads: Kimberly Seads is an American fashion designer and television personality. She has her own clothing line called Kimmie Seads Couture.
  • Kevin Seads: Kevin Seads is a professional Australian footballer who plays in the A-League for Adelaide United.
  • Vince Seads: Vince Seads is a Dutch professional football goalkeeper who currently plays for PEC Zwolle in the Eredivisie.
  • Jeff Seads: Jeff Seads is an English professional footballer who currently plays for Notts County in the National League.
  • Tim Seads: Tim Seads is an American record producer, engineer and songwriter who has worked on albums by Kanye West, John Legend and John Mayer, among others.
  • Dino Seads: Dino Seads is a professional American mixed martial artist and former UFC fighter.
  • Rachel Seads: Rachel Seads is an English former child actress, best known for appearing in the award-winning British comedy-drama series The Royle Family.

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