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Surname Self - Meaning and Origin

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Self: What does the surname Self mean?

The surname Self is of English origin and is derived from the medieval given name "Selaphiel", which is the name of the angel in charge of prayer in Jewish religious texts. The meaning of the name could possibly be related to qualities or characteristics associated with an angel, including purity, innocence, or spirituality. It originally emerged as a way to identify people who worked in a particular occupation or place, or who came from a certain family line. Over time, Self has been used to denote a person's individuality or identity, expressing the unique qualities that distinguish him or her from others. This name is common in the U.S and England. As with many surnames, there can be multiple origins or meanings. Please note, the true meaning of the surname can only be determined by tracing back the family line.

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Self: Where does the name Self come from?

The last name Self is most commonly seen in English-speaking countries in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the United Kingdom, the surname Self is found mainly in England and Wales. It is generally found to be more prominent in the west and south-west of England, with notable numbers in the counties of Oxfordshire, Devon, Dorset, and Somerset. In the United States, Self is more widely distributed, with the largest population in the north-eastern states and some four times as many African American bearers as are found in Britain. In Canada it is found throughout, but with the highest concentration in Ontario and Quebec. In Australia, the name Self is more widespread in the southern states and territories, particularly in New South Wales. The name is even found in small numbers across Europe, particularly in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Variations of the surname Self

Self is a surname that originates from the Old German and Old English elements “self” or “selu” which translates to mean “self”. This name was likely used as a byname to denote someone who was known for his or her own independence or strength. Self is a surname that is found mostly in England and the United States.

Variants and spellings of Self include Selfe, Saelf, Selves, Saelves, and Saelffe. In Scotland and Ireland, the spelling of Self is sometimes Slayfe or Selyfe. Alternate spellings of Self can also be found in Europe such as Zelf, Zilf, and Sylfe.

Surnames with the same origin as Self include Shelff, Shaff, Shelf, Shelp, Sheppard, Shephard, Shepphard, Sheppherd, Shelton, Shil-futt, and Shylock. Some of these surnames originate from the Middle English “scelf” or shell which translates to mean a “shield”. Other surnames such as Shelton and Sheppard originate from places such as Shelford or Shepford.

All variants of the Self surname have the same origin in Old German and Old English, and while they all share the same origin, they have taken on different spellings and surnames over time. Today, the Self surname is found throughout both the United States and United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Self

  • Chris Self: American professional wrestler and referee
  • Benita Self: a former American track and field athlete
  • G.G. Self: former National Football League guard
  • Faith Self: a former collegiate All-American in women's basketball
  • Bobbi Self: a former American tennis player
  • Taylor Self: an American former professional boxer
  • Georgia Mae Self: an American poet
  • Floyd Self: a former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Neal Self: a professor emeritus in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Arkansas
  • Will Self: a British novelist, journalist, and short story writer

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