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Surname Serio - Meaning and Origin

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Serio: What does the surname Serio mean?

The last name Serio is a Italian name of a noble origin. It comes from the Latin word serius, which means serious, earnest, grave, and hardworking. This surname is commonly found throughout Italy, but is also prevalent in Brazil and Argentina, which indicates a good amount of immigration to these countries.

In general, the individuals with the last name Serio are diligent and reliable. They demonstrate respect for traditions as well as a strong commitment to family. This could be seen in the Italian proverb: “The Serio family is a solid wall”.

The surname Serio is very old. It dates back to the 12th century and is recorded throughout the Italian regions, including northern, central, and southern. It is believed to have originated from Lombard noble families who lived near the Adriatic seaboard.

People with this last name often have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative drive. They are strong-willed, determined and competitive. Additionally, they are highly ambitious and have the potential to become powerful leaders or innovators in their field.

Overall, the name Serio is associated with individuals who are hardworking and reliable. They carry with them a strong respect for traditions as well as ambition and creativity. This makes them natural born leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Serio: Where does the name Serio come from?

The surname SERIO is today most common in Italy.

In Italy, SERIO is the 383rd most common surname and is found throughout the country. The majority of Italian SERIO’s come from Calabria and Sicily, located in the southern region. It is thought to have originated from the Latin ‘serius’ meaning ‘serious’ or ‘dignified’. The SERIO’s in Italy are said to be of Roman, Greek, or Italian descent.

SERIO is also quite popular in the United States, particularly in the northeast and southeast. In fact, it is estimated that around 25,000 Americans now carry the surname. It is generally believed that the largest number of SERIO's are of Italian lineage, although families of French, Spanish, and Portuguese origin have also adopted the name.

Outside of Italy and the US, SERIO is also a popular surname in Brazil, Uruguay, and Venezuela. It could be speculated that these SERIOs are most likely of Italian descent. Additionally, families of Portuguese and Spanish descent have adopted the name.

Overall, today the name SERIO is most common in Italy. It is also quite popular in the US, Brazil, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The majority of SERIO’s are of Italian descent, although those with Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Greek roots also carry the surname.

Variations of the surname Serio

The surname SERIO is of Italian origin and is derived from the Latin word “serius”, meaning “serious”. It can have many variants and alternate spellings such as SERRIO, SERRI, SERE, SERRO, SERRE or SERRIE.

Among the many Italian roots of the surname SERIO, there are two main branches. One branch is from the Friulian dialect of the SERRIO family, which has its origin in the small Italian town of Gradisca D'Isonzo (province of Gorizia). While the other branch is mainly distributed in northern Italy and is connected to the SERRI family, which stems from the small town of Saronno, in the province of Varese.

The SERIO surname is mainly found in southern Italy, notably in the city of Naples. Over the centuries, the surname has spread across the world. Here are some surnames that can be associated with SERIO.

The most common versions of the SERIO surname of Italian origin are:

Serri, Serrio, Serro, Serri, Serer, Serrée, Serri, Serri, Serriy, Serrie, Serresy, Serras, Serres, Serrats, Serreys, Serrees and Serreats.

The alternate spellings of the surname SERIO outside the Italian language are:

Cerio, Cerrios, Cerros, Cerro, Cerrie, Ciervo and Sargio.

Outside of Italy and Europe, SERIO is variously spelled as Sirio, Seri, Seriou, Syrio, Sherio, and Syro.

The surname SERIO is also the basis for a number of patronymic surnames, derived from a father's or ancestor's given name. The most common patronymic surname derived from SERIO is Sergio, which is also common in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Other patronymic surnames derived from SERIO include Sergino, Sersio, Sergano, Sargio, Sargino, Sergao, Serrini, Serrao, Serrano, and Sargiano.

Famous people with the name Serio

  • Tony Serio: American singer and music producer
  • Tracy Serio: American television producer and writer
  • Eric Serio: American professional mixed martial artist
  • Joe Serio: American professional basketball player
  • John Serio: American professional football player
  • Jack Serio: American professional baseball player
  • Frank Serio: American professional hockey player
  • Noa Serio: American actress, singer, and dancer
  • Tom Serio: American actor
  • Sergio Laurito: Italian sprinter
  • Carl Serio: British music producer
  • James Serio: American environmentalist
  • Jenny Serio: American dancer and choreographer
  • Mathew Serio: British professional soccer player
  • Samantha Serio: American award-winning pianist
  • Donatella Serio: Italian actress and voice actress
  • Luca Serio: Italian film director
  • Angelo Serio: Italian painter and sculptor
  • Guiseppe Serio: Italian professional soccer player
  • Vittorio Serio: Italian classical violinist.

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