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Surname Shearsby - Meaning and Origin

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Shearsby: What does the surname Shearsby mean?

The surname Shearsby is of English origin, likely derived from a locative name from several places in the East Midlands region of England, namely Shearsby in the county of Leicestershire and Shearsby in the county of Northamptonshire.

The name may be from the Old English scearn, meaning ‘dung’, and by, a ‘settlement’; the literal meaning being ‘settlement of the dung’. It could also refer to the nearby river Shears, which flows near to both Shearsby villages in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The two Shearsbys were recorded separately in the Domesday Book of 1086, so the surname may have originated before then.

The name Shearsby is not very common today, but there are a handful of individuals with the surname living in the United Kingdom. Some of the earliest records of the name can be traced back as far as the 18th century in Leicestershire, dating back to the marriage of Thomas Shearsby and Susanna Coll ford in 1772.

In all likelihood, the Shearsby surname is derived from the place names of the two Shearsby locations and likely refer to a family who had some connection with the area and eventually adopted the name as their own. The surname Shearsby is a reminder of the area’s rich history and offers a link to a family’s past.

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Shearsby: Where does the name Shearsby come from?

Shearsby is an English surname that is still in use today. The earliest records of this surname date back to the early 14th century in Nottinghamshire. It is believed to have been derived from a place name, likely referring to a farm or village near what is now known as Shearsby in Leicestershire.

Today, the surname Shearsby is most common in the Midlands region of England. In addition, those with the surname are found in other areas of the country with larger concentrations in Essex and Greater London. There is also a smaller presence in areas such as Cambridgeshire, and some other scattered points across England and Wales.

The Shearsby surname is also found sporadically elsewhere, with the United States being one of the more frequent places of occurrence outside of England. In the United States, people with the surname Shearsby are mainly located in the state of Florida and along the East Coast.

Overall, the Shearsby surname is still in use and continues to be a part of many families’ genealogical history. It is worth noting that records do indicate potential variations of the name. Thus, variations of the name, such as Shearsby, Sheersby, and Sharsby, may be in use around the world.

Variations of the surname Shearsby

The surname Shearsby has several variants and spellings that all have the same root origin.

The most common variant is Shearsby. It is an English surname derived from Old English personal name ‘scearpa’ and a ‘by’ or ‘bi’, which means ‘town near or lives by.’

Another variant is Shearsbie. It is an Anglicised form of an Old French surname ‘Schireby’ which is also derived from either the Old English name ‘scearpa’ or ‘scir’, which means ‘a shire’ or county.

Shearsbey is another variant of the surname, which is derived from the Old English ‘scearpa’, and the Old Norse ‘byr’ meaning ‘farmstead’ or ‘village’.

The variants can also include Sheersby, Sheasby, Shearsbie, Sheasbey and Sheerby.

Common surnames related to Shearsby include Sharpe, Sherborne, Shirtcliff, Shiresby, Shiersby and Shearwood.

Overall, the various variants of Shearsby all originate from the same root meaning and bear the same basic meaning. It is a town near or lives by. The various variants, spellings and surnames of Shearsby all date back to English and Old Norse roots.

Famous people with the name Shearsby

  • Cara Shearsby: British Actress, Best known for her role in Johnny English 3.
  • Bradley Shearsby: British television presenter, actor and documentary-maker.
  • Guy Shearsby: British novelist, author of several novels including The Devil You Know and A Thief in the Night.
  • David Shearsby: British Chef, best known for his award-winning restaurant, Shearsby’s.
  • John Shearsby: British Actor, best known for his roles in Shameless and Game of Thrones.
  • Hannah Shearsby: British Actress, starred in several films including Mamma Mia and Grease.
  • Sophie Shearsby: British Comic Book Artist, best known for her series of books about witches.
  • Simon Shearsby: British Actor, starred in several TV series such as Outlander and Jekyll & Hyde.
  • Ruth Shearsby: British Actress, best known for her roles in The Crown and The Halcyon.
  • Edward Shearsby: British Filmmaker, director of several cult films such as Aliens and The Matrix.

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