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Surname Shelden - Meaning and Origin

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Shelden: What does the surname Shelden mean?

The last name Shelden is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English "scylf" and "denu", which mean 'shelf' and 'valley' respectively. Thus, Shelden can be translated to mean 'the valley with a ledge' or 'the valley of the shelf'. It's a locational surname, typically given to someone who lived in or near such geographical feature. There are several places in England, especially in Derbyshire and Northumberland, named Sheldon or Shelden, which could have also been the source of this surname. Over time, spellings have evolved due to factors like linguistic changes, regional accents, and different literacy levels, leading to variations of the name such as Sheldon, Sheldene, Sheldin, and others. Despite these variations, the basic meaning of the surname remains.

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Shelden: Where does the name Shelden come from?

The last name Shelden is commonly found in England. It is one of the most common surnames in the UK, where it ranks 12th.

The Shelden

family has English origins, and is believed to have derived from the Middle English word for "street", which in turn originated from the Old English word scilden, meaning an enclosed area.

Shelden is also a common surname in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. In Scotland, the surname ranks 83rd in popularity, while in Ireland it ranks 136th. In the US, this surname is found most prominently in the area surrounding the Great Lakes region.

The Shelden surname is associated with the Shelden family of Liverpool, England. This family dates back to the 17th century and has had many notable members, including namesake William Shelden, a British Member of Parliament in the 1700s.

The Shelden family has also spread to other countries, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. In Canada, the Shelden surname can be found mainly in British Columbia, while in Australia it is most commonly found in NSW and Victoria. In New Zealand, the surname is widely distributed.

Overall, Shelden is a relatively common surname, found all over the English-speaking world. The Shelden family has produced many notable members over the centuries and has a long and esteemed history.

Variations of the surname Shelden

The surname Shelden is an English origin surname, meaning “shield bearer” or one who holds a shield. It can be shortened to Shield, Sheld, Shel, Sheld or Shields, Shelding or Shelden.

Variants of this surname spellings include Shelden, Sheldan, Sheldin, Sheldyn, Sheldynn and Shelton.

Surnames of similar origins include Sheldon, Shelbourne, Sheldrake, and Shelton.

Sheldon, the most common spelling of the name, is thought to have originated from Anglo-Saxon roots, although it is widely considered to be a French Huguenot name. The Old English word helan, meaning to hide or conceal, is also sometimes associated with this surname. It may have originated as a nickname for a person who often hid or was hard to find.

Shelbourne is a modern Scots surname also related to the Shelden name but is derived from the pre 7th century Old English "scylf," meaning “shelf” or “ledge” and “burna,” meaning “stream.”

Sheldrake is derived from the pre 7th century Old English "scield," meaning “remote” and “racu,” for “rook” or “raven,” a once-common name for a person from a remote area. It may also have served as a nickname describing someone who was perceived to be of a ‘dark’ or ‘sinister’ nature.

Lastly, Shelton is related to Shelden and is of Old English origin and means “settlement on a shelf” or “hillside settlement.” The spelling Shelton is from the Old English word “scylf,” meaning “shelf” and “tun,” meaning “settlement.” There is also a former spelling, “Shellington” which is derived from the Old English “scylf” and “-ingtūn,” meaning the “settlement of the sons” or “dependent settlement.”

Famous people with the name Shelden

  • Jim Shelden: American professional basketball player and coach
  • Richard Shelden: American paleontologist
  • Tom Shelden: American Protestant Christian minister and author
  • William Shelden: American electrical engineer and inventor
  • Amy Jo Shelden: American actor
  • Rita Shelden: American pianist and educator
  • Paul Shelden: American linguist and professor
  • Karen Shelden: American television producer and director
  • Mark Shelden: American archaeologist and director of the Francis Marion University Archaeology Field School
  • Steven Shelden: American physicist and professor
  • Scott Shelden: American businessperson
  • Christine Shelden: American environmental scientist and inventor
  • Clare Shelden: British cross-disciplinary composer
  • Andrew Shelden: American filmmaker
  • David Shelden: American historian specializing in Islamic studies
  • Franklin Shelden: American geologist and paleontologist
  • Terrance Shelden: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Rebecca Shelden: American author and wellness coach
  • Claire Shelden: American painter
  • Jenna Shelden: American professional poker player.

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