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Surname Shively - Meaning and Origin

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Shively: What does the surname Shively mean?

The last name Shively is of German origin. It is an Anglicized form of the German surname "Schiffle", which is derived from "Schiff", the German word for 'ship'. Thus, it can be inferred that the surname might have originally been associated with occupations related to ships or sailing, possibly implying that the ancestors of the Shively family were shipbuilders, sailors, or merchants. There is also a possibility that it could be a toponymic surname derived from a place associated with ships. It is important to note that surnames were often derived from an individual's occupation, physical characteristics, or geographical locations, providing some insights into the history and origins of the family. However, family names can undergo alterations over time and their exact meanings can be traced with certainty only through detailed genealogical research.

Shively: Where does the name Shively come from?

The last name Shively is most commonly found in the United States. It is estimated that the current population of people with the last name of Shively is approximately 57,000 people. The majority of the Shively population lives in Pennsylvania. Other states with significant Shively populations are Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. There are also pockets of Shivelys across the United States in North Carolina, Georgia, California, and even Alaska. Shively is also a popular last name in Canada, mostly concentrated in Ontario and British Columbia.

Shively is believed to be of either Swiss or German origin. The name is derived from the town of Schlosswil in Switzerland, located in the canton of Bern. It is thought to be a habitational name, meaning it is based on the name of a place where the family once lived.

Interestingly, Shively is one of the few names that represented settlers from both Switzerland and Germany. This could explain why it is found in so many places today. It could have been carried transatlantically as immigrants from both countries came to America in search of new opportunities.

The Shively family is known to be a close knit group. Although descended from two different countries, they proudly claim their unity and share common values. Whether Swiss or German, Shivelys maintain a strong connection between their generations and all who carry the name today.

Variations of the surname Shively

The surname Shively is generally accepted as a variant of the German and Swiss surname Schible, which in turn has variations in spelling like Schibl, Schibley, Schiblee, Schibly, and Sheibly, as well as variants in other languages like Schibelli (Italian) and Schibelin (French).

The surname can also appear in the US as Shively, Shivelye, and Sheively. Its possible origin can be traced to Germany where "Schible" translates to "citizen," "dweller," or "inhabitant" in old German. One of its oldest occurrences is the Schible family from Baden, Germany who date back to around the14th century.

The surname may have spread throughout Europe and the US via several migration routes. It is speculated that the Schible family from Baden, Germany came to the US and then split into various branches with some settling south into Pennyslvania, while others traveled west to some of the other states.

In addition, many individuals with this surname may have emigrated from Europe to the US in search of better economic opportunities or to escape the various wars that have occurred throughout history.

Regardless of how it spread, the surnames Shively, Schible, and their many variations can be traced back to its original German roots and are all denominations of one origin.

Famous people with the name Shively

  • Tara Shively: professional Dancer for the Rockettes
  • Abigail Shively: an American actress
  • Stephen Shively: an American musician
  • Daeg Shively: an American actor
  • Miles Shively: an American food scientist
  • Adelaide Shively: an American philanthropist
  • Ruby Shively: an American artist
  • Judah Shively: an American Youtuber
  • Katy Shively: an American commentator
  • Jaden Shively: an American entrepreneur

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