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Surname Siders - Meaning and Origin

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Siders: What does the surname Siders mean?

The surname Siders is of English origin and comes from an ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. Its spelling variations include Sider, Sidor, Syder, Sitter, and Others. It is considered a geographical surname, which were given to a person who resided near a physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree.

"Siders" would have been initially assigned to people living near a hillside or a slope. It was derived from the Old English word "sidhera," meaning "side of a hill" or "slope." This surname dates back to the 11th century, signifying a strong sense of historical heritage.

Moreover, geographical features in an individual's habitat or locality often played a role in the rendering of surnames during the Middle Ages. Clearly, the Siders surname is evidence of this trend. However, as there is no single definitive meaning for any surname, it should be noted that the meaning can differ based on region or family history. Noteworthy is that the surname Siders and its various forms can also be found amongst Ashkenazi Jewish communities, potentially carrying different etymological origins and meanings.

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Siders: Where does the name Siders come from?

The last name Siders is most commonly found in the United States today. It was derived from register over the centuries such as Sieberer/Sieberern, Sebehr, Sieder, Sedor, and Sidor in the 16th and 17th century predominantly used by German/Swiss immigrants.

The earliest recorded Siders first appears in 1710 in Pennsylvania with the spelling of “Sieder.” The first Siders in America was Johannes Sieders who migrated from Bavaria to Pennsylvania in 1718 and established the Sieders family in this country. The name ultimately morphed into Siders and various other spellings across the United States.

Today, the Siders surname is most common in certain states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Iowa, and Michigan, with the highest concentration residing in Pennsylvania. Outside of the U.S., Siders are also found in Canada, Germany, France, Hungary, and India.

The Siders have a proud family heritage that traces its roots back hundreds of years, and today they continue to carry the name with the highest respect. The Siders family consists of individuals who have made many great accomplishments, from military service to sports and science. Many of them have been successful entrepreneurs, politicians, engineers, academics, pastors, and more. The name Siders is a source of stability and pride for many within the family.

Variations of the surname Siders

The surname Siders has several variants stemming from different geographic regions. The most commonly used form of the last name appears to be ‘Siders’, however there are various alternative spellings and nicknames in use. Siders can be spelled ‘Siders’, ‘Syder', ‘Syders’ or ‘Syders’ and is derived from the Old English word ‘syd’ which means ‘from the side’. Other variants of the name which have been found in records include Sutter, Suter and Syter.

It is possible that some members of the Siders family changed their name over time, as individuals moved to different areas or due to changing personal fashions. Variations of the name may have also been adopted to reflect different pronunciations in the language spoken in the area they lived.

The Siders surname is found in a variety of geographies across Europe, North America and Australia. It is likely that the Siders family arrived in America in the 1830s and 40s, for example from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany or other European countries. Since then, the name has been passed down through generations and spread to many parts of the United States.

As for surnames of the same origin, some of them include Stiers, Styers, Cyder, Cyderman, Sidebottom, Sidebotham, Tiderman, Siderman, Sydems, Sydners, and Sieders.

It appears that the Siders surname is a relatively uncommon one and is likely derived from settlers in the seventeenth century, or individuals who lived in proximity to a local river or water course. Ultimately, the Siders surname holds significant history, and could be traced back hundreds of years in time.

Famous people with the name Siders

  • Joe Siders: former professional baseball player and first base coach for the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Paul Siders: American jazz guitarist.
  • Karen Siders: former WNBA player.
  • Paul Siders: professor emeritus at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.
  • Mindy Siders: country music artist and songwriter.
  • Edward Siders: American journalist and conservationist.
  • Ira Siders: retired professional basketball player.
  • Jimmy Siders: professional bodybuilder.
  • Gary Siders: former NFL player.
  • Laura Siders: opera singer.
  • Jimmy Siders: former Major League Baseball player.
  • Michele Siders: award-winning American playwright.
  • Dean Siders: professional NASCAR driver.
  • Jeff Siders: American artist whose work focuses on pop culture and sports.
  • Kurt Siders: retired professional wrestler.
  • Stan Siders: American football player.
  • Christopher Siders: professor of science and engineering at Colorado State University.
  • Chris Siders: former professional soccer player.
  • Kevin Siders: retired NFL player.
  • Pat Siders: former NASCAR driver.

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