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Surname Sigman - Meaning and Origin

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Sigman: What does the surname Sigman mean?

The surname Sigman is of German, English, Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic) origins. It is derived from a personal name of Germanic origin, Sigemann. This name was composed of the elements “sigi,” meaning “victory,” and “mann,” meaning “man.” It would have been used to describe a victorious man, possibly one in battle or in sports. As it began to be used as a surname, this moniker came to signify a descendant of this victorious man.

In Germany the name Sigman is associated with the Old Saxon tribe, who were involved in the early settlement of what would eventually become Germany. The Old Saxons were known for their tenacity in battle, defending their territory and honor fiercely.

The English usage of the surname Sigman reflects the many people of Germanic descent who settled in the British Isles. The Germanic influence can be seen in many English surnames as well as every day words used in English and other Germanic dialects today.

The Dutch and the Ashkenazic Jews both derived their version of this name from the German variation of Sigman as well. Dutch settlers in particular were heavily influenced by the Germanic old Saxons who had settled in their homeland centuries before.

The surname Sigman is reflective of an old Saxon hero, and his tenacious spirit lives on in the many variations of this surname in countries all over the world.

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Sigman: Where does the name Sigman come from?

Sigman is an uncommon but widely dispersed surname. It is most commonly found in the United States, especially in the southern states. According to US census data, the majority of people who bear the Sigman name are spread throughout the southeastern states such as Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. There are also pockets of Sigmans in mid-western and western states, such as Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona. As for the rest of the world, the name Sigman is found mainly in Israel and Germany.

The surname Sigman is of German origin and is a variation of the name Seaman, which derived from the German word 'seemann' meaning 'sailor'. It is believed the surname was initially adopted by those who served on ships.

The name Sigman is relatively rare compared to other surnames, so no particular region or country stands out as having a higher concentration of people with this name. However, the fact that the name is so widespread among the US population is no surprise, considering the nation's large German heritage.

Variations of the surname Sigman

Sigman is an uncommon surname of German origin. It is believed to be derived from the given name 'Sigemann', and is most prevalent in areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

The variants, spellings and alternate surnames for the name Sigman include Sigfrid, Sigfried, Sigfridt, Sigismund, Seigmann, and Siegmann.

Sigfrid is an earlier form of the surname, it was derived from both Old German and Old Norse languages. Other variants of the name were likely based on the Latin form of the name 'Sigismundus'.

The spelling and pronunciation of the surname Sigman has changed over time, as it has been adapted in different countries. This has resulted in a variety of alternative spellings.

The Germanic spelling of the surname is Siegmann. Variants of this spelling include Seigmann, Ziegman, Seigmann, Szigeti, Zyegman, Zyegmann, and Zygman. The German spelling differs significantly from the original form of Sigman.

In Polish, the surname is commonly spelled as Zygmunt or Zyman. The Ukrainian variant is Zygmund or Zigmont.

The surname Seigmann can also be found in other cultures, such as Norwegian or Swedish, and is a highly popular spelling in these countries.

In England, the surname can be found as Simmonds, which is derived from the approximate English pronunciation of the German version of Sigman.

The surname Sigman is an uncommon one, but has several variants and spellings worldwide. The original German form of the name has been adopted and adapted in various countries, leading to further variation in spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Sigman

  • Bettye Sigman: American singer
  • Lawrence Sigman: American immunologist and microbiologist
  • Julian Sigman: American producer, songwriter, singer and musician
  • Bob Sigman: American professional baseball player
  • Edward Sigman: American retired Major General
  • Jordan Sigman: American film producer, actor and writer
  • Landon Sigman: American professional football player
  • Amos Sigman: American physician, educator and philanthropist
  • Taylor Sigman: American actor
  • Lou Sigman: American film producer, director and actor.

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