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Surname Sinton - Meaning and Origin

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Sinton: What does the surname Sinton mean?

Sinton is a surname of English and Scottish origins. The name is thought to have come from a place name, possibly from the village of Sinton in Worcestershire, England, or the old Scottish borders region around Sinton. It is also suggested that it may be of Norse origin, relating to the Old Norse term "sunn", meaning "south" and "tun", meaning "farmstead or settlement". As a habitational surname, Sinton would have been given to someone as a means to identify them as coming from a particular locality. Like many surnames, the meaning of Sinton has evolved and altered over many centuries, and its original significance may be somewhat different. The distribution of the Sinton surname is most common in the UK, particularly in Scotland, followed by countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand reflecting patterns of migration.

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Sinton: Where does the name Sinton come from?

The last name Sinton is commonly found in various parts of North America, including regions of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the United States, the surname is particularly common in the Midwestern states, including Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. In the United Kingdom, the surname is also present but less common than in North America.

The surname is derived from the old English word meaning “from the Sandy Town” or “from the town on the sandy ground”. The name is thought to be derived from the town of Sansinton, which was located in the shire of Warwick (now located in the county of Warwickshire), England.

DNA analysis has revealed that many people who have the last name Sinton share a common ancestor, indicating that the name was passed down from generation to generation in a single family. It is likely that a single person, or a small group of people, adopted the name “Sinton” when they moved to a different area hundreds of years ago.

Overall, the last name Sinton is quite common today, with individuals who share the name residing mainly in North America, the UK, and Mexico. Most Sinton families share a common ancestor, although some branches of the Sinton tree may have branched off over the centuries.

Variations of the surname Sinton

Sinton is an English surname of many variations, spellings, and derivations. It is derived from the personal name ‘Sin’, which is of Anglo-Saxon, and possibly Gaelic origin. Variants of the surname include Synton, Sindon, Sintun, Sinten, Synton, Sinnton, and Senton.

The spelling of Sinton is the most frequent in the United States, and Synton is the rarest. The surname is found most commonly in Ireland and in areas of England such as Lancashire and Yorkshire.

In addition to Sinton and its variants, there are also a few other spellings and surnames derived from the same root. These include seaside towns such as Sintham, Sinnerton, and Sessington which contain the Old English ‘ham’ Germ that means ‘village’ or ‘estate.’

There are also a few other surnames with the same origin, such as Syneton, Synneton, and Syneton. These surnames originate from the village of Synkens in Lancashire. It’s also possible that the name may have been derived from the Old English ‘tun’, meaning ‘enclosure’.

In addition, there are also the surnames Sonden, Sandon, Sanden, Sandin, and Sandine, which are derived from the Anglo-Saxon personal name ‘Saeund’.

Overall, the surname Sinton is a popular English surname of many variations, spellings, and derivations, that can be traced back to the Old English language. Variations include Synton, Sindon, Sintun, Sinten, Synton, Sinnton, Senton, Sintham, Sinnerton, Sessington, Syneton, Synneton, Syneton, Sonden, Sandon, Sanden, Sandin, and Sandine.

Famous people with the name Sinton

  • Bill Sinton: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Will Sinton: American professional BMX rider
  • Gary Sinton: British songwriter, arranger and record producer
  • Nathan Sinton: British cellist
  • John Sinton: American former politician
  • Joshua Sinton: American jazz composer, clarinetist and baritone saxophonist
  • William Sinton: British Royal Navy officer
  • Anthony Sinton: British army officer
  • Aubrey Sinton: Australian rugby player
  • Dennis Sinton: British race car driver

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