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Surname Smoot - Meaning and Origin

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C. Smoot

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Smoot: What does the surname Smoot mean?

The surname Smoot is of English origin and has multiple possible meanings based on different interpretations. The Smoot family history traces back to counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire in England where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor.

The surname is believed to be topographical meaning they originally lived near a particular physical feature. Smoot is suggested to be derived from the Old English term "smeþe," meaning "smooth." It was likely used to describe a place with smooth, flat fields, or to denote someone who lived in such a place.

Another interpretation suggests that it was also an occupational name associated with blacksmithing. The term "smoot" referred to the smoother which was a tool used by blacksmiths to smooth the iron or metal they were working upon.

An alternative interpretation, especially in Yorkshire, is derived from the Old English "smyth," referring to a “smith” or metalworker. Therefore, this surname might have been used to identify individuals whose ancestors were smiths or blacksmiths.

Nevertheless, as with many surnames, multiple interpretations exist, and the exact origin may differ depending upon regional usage and family history.

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Smoot: Where does the name Smoot come from?

The last name Smoot is widely distributed throughout the United States, with the most common concentrations in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. The 2010 US Census showed that there were nearly 8,000 individuals with the last name Smoot residing in the United States.

The large majority of Smoots live in Virginia, with more than 1,700 individuals having Smoot as their last name. The states with the next largest numbers of Smoots include Ohio (1,173), Tennessee (982), North Carolina (810), and Indiana (476).

Additionally, many Smoots still live in their ancestral homeland in the Appalachian Mountain region. Appalachian families with the last name Smoot can trace their roots to colonial and Revolutionary War era ancestors in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and parts of West Virginia.

Outside of the United States, the last name Smoot is most commonly found in the British Isles, including Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. It’s believed that these Smoots originated from colonial-era emigrants from the eastern United States, who ended up in the British Isles for various reasons—to seek freedom from religious persecution, improve their employment prospects, or for other reasons.

Finally, the last name Smoot is also found in small numbers throughout other parts of the world, such as Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Smoot

The surname Smoot is of English origin, and is derived from the Olde English word meaning “gangly”. It has been passed down from generation to generation and can be found in several forms.

Variants of the Smoot surname include Small, Smalt, Smalte, Smythe, Smit, and Smoote.

Spellings of the Smoot surname include Smat, Smatt, Smatte, Smotte, Smett, Smoate, Smoatt, Smot, Smoth, and Smotth.

Surnames of the same origin include Salter, Sewell, Schepp, Schoop, Shoop, Showalter, Snell, and Snelle.

The earliest recorded mention of the Smoot surname is found in a 12th century document, where a Robert Smuld is listed. Through the centuries, variations of the name have been recorded in various documents, from county records to land charters.

In modern times, the Smoot surname is common throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and various parts of Europe. As more individuals with this surname cross borders and settle in new countries, more spellings and variations may be derived.

Famous people with the name Smoot

  • Mary Smoot: Mary Smoot was an American actress and singer best known for her roles in Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am in 1928 and King of Jazz in 1929.
  • Eric Smoot: Eric Smoot is an American Olympic wrestler. He competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics and 1976 Montreal Olympics.
  • George Smoot: George Smoot is an astrophysicist and Nobel Prize in Physics awardee. He is best known for his work in studying cosmic microwave background radiation.
  • Jordan Smoot: Jordan Smoot is a model, actor, and director. He is well known for his roles in Carrie and The Leftovers.
  • Ross Smoot: Ross Smoot was an American politician and state senator for Arkansas. He served as state senate president pro tempore from 1917–1920.
  • Abe Smoot: Abe Smoot was a prosperous business owner and leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was one of the earliest apostles and was also the Utah Territorial Department of Delegate to Congress.
  • William Smoot: William Smoot was a pharmacist, businessman, and philanthropist from West Virginia. He was the president of the West Virginia State Pharmaceutical Association and donated significant financial resources to many universities.
  • Mark Smoot: Mark Smoot is an American professor of computer science at the University of Rochester. He is best known for his research on artificial intelligence and data processing.
  • William Smoot III: William Smoot III is a prominent American architect. He is best known for designing the award-winning Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library and various residential and government buildings throughout the country.
  • Jacob Smoot: Jacob Smoot was a prominent figure in the early 19th century in Washington D.C., where he served as Mayor for fourteen years. He was also known as a business tycoon and financier.

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