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Surname Soares - Meaning and Origin

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K. Soares

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Soares: What does the surname Soares mean?

Soares is a Portuguese surname of patronymic origin, deriving from the personal name Soeiro. This old Germanic name, Suarius or Suerius, entered Portugal and Spain through the Visigothic domination in the Early Middle Ages. The meaning of Soeiro is uncertain but some sources suggest that it is composed of elements meaning "south" and "army". Over time, Soeiro evolved into Soares, using the ending -es to indicate "son of". It is an ancestral family name that has been present in the history of Portugal since its inception, the most prominent example being Soeiro Mendes da Maia, one of the key figures in the formation of the kingdom. Today, the surname Soares is widespread not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, Angola, and other countries with Portuguese-speaking populations. Like many surnames, Soares is a link to the past, connecting generations to their family history and heritage.

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Soares: Where does the name Soares come from?

The last name Soares is a common one throughout the world, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. In Portugal, the last name Soares is one of the most common surnames, appearing in 8.02% of the population. Brazil is home to the largest population of Soares, comprising 1.15 million people as of 2018, making it the 5th most common surname in the country. Soares is also common in Spain, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor and Mozambique.

In Europe, Soares is particularly common in the northwest of the continent, especially in the Galicia region of Spain and Portugal, where it is the 28th and 15th most common last name respectively. In the United States, Soares is relatively uncommon, but there are notable concentrations in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and California.

Soares is also a popular surname in the French Caribbean. In Guadeloupe, for example, the last name claims 1.7% of the population, making it the 8th most popular surname on the island. Additionally, Soares is also very common in the French West Indies and other parts of the French Antilles, home to hundreds of thousands of people of French descent with the last name Soares.

Overall, the last name Soares is a particularily common one in Portuguese-speaking countries, with significant populations in parts of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Variations of the surname Soares

Soares is a surname originating from Portugal and is shared by families of Portuguese and Brazilian descent. The variants of the surname Soares include: Soarez, Soarés, Sarmento Soares, Sorez, Souares, Souarés and Sourés.

Spellings of this surname include: Soares, Soarez, Soarés, Sorez, Souares, Souarés and Sourés.

This surname has different spellings due to the many possible regional dialects of Portuguese. For example, the Souares spelling would be the most commonly used in Portugal, whereas the Souarés or Sourés spelling would be more common in Southern Brazilian regions, such as Rio de Janeiro or Bahia.

Soares may also be used as a middle or given name. Therefore, other common surnames will follow such as Soares Da Silva, Soares De Oliveira, and Soares Do Carmo.

Soares has also been used in combination with other surnames, such as Da Soares, De Soares, and Do Soares, which is common in Brazil.

Although a very common surname, Soares is also a popular given name and is used with other surnames, such as Da Soares, Gimenez Da Soares, or de Soares. Such surnames are commonly found in Brazil, and follow the rules of Portuguese composition of names.

Finally, other surnames will follow the combination of Soares with other surnames from different regions of the world such as: Kevo da Soares (California, USA) or Leite de Soares (Spain).

Famous people with the name Soares

  • Álvaro Soares: Brazilian actor
  • António Soares: Member of the first Portuguese Parliament
  • Bruno Soares: Brazilian tennis player
  • Caio Soares: Brazilian actor
  • Damian Soares: Professional FIFA player
  • Diego Soares: Brazilian footballer
  • Fábio Soares: Professional Volleyball player
  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Former President of Brazil
  • Flávio Soares: Brazilian writer
  • Francisco Soares: Portuguese architect and sculptor
  • Gil Soares: Brazilian Olympic archer
  • Guilherme Soares: Brazilian Para-Taekwondo athlete
  • Gustavo Soares: Brazilian Paralympic swimmer
  • Henrique Soares de Moura: Portuguese scientific engineer
  • Hugo Soares: Portuguese footballer
  • Hugo Viana Soares: Portuguese professional footballer
  • João Soares: former President of Portugal
  • João Soares Filho: Brazilian politician
  • João Vicente Soares: Professional Brazilian archer
  • John Soares: Professional Motocross racer
  • Jorge Soares: Portuguese sailor
  • Jorge Tadeu Soares: Brazilian Olympic sailor
  • José Vítor Soares: Brazilian footballer
  • Juliana Soares: Brazilian artistic gymnast
  • Kelly Soares: Brazilian volleyball player
  • Lawrence Soares: Professional mixed martial artist
  • Leonardo Soares: Brazilian footballer
  • Luis Soares: Professional Portuguese footballer
  • Luísa Soares: Brazilian Paralympic powerlifting
  • Lyz Soares: Brazilian vocalist and percussionist
  • Matías Soares: Brazilian footballer
  • Patricia Soares: Brazilian Paralympic swimmer
  • Pedro Soares: International Brazilian long-distance runner
  • Rodrigo Soares: Professional Brazilian tennis player
  • Silvio Soares: Former basketball player for Brazil
  • Túlio Soares: Professional Brazilian football referee
  • Vítor Soares: Portuguese professional footballer
  • Wagner Soares: Brazilian footballer
  • Washington Soares: Brazilian athlete
  • William Soares: Brazilian footballer

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