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Surname Sorensen - Meaning and Origin

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Sorensen: What does the surname Sorensen mean?

The surname Sorensen is of Danish and Norwegian origin and translates to "son of Soren". It's a patronymic name, meaning it derives from the name of a father or an ancestor. Soren itself comes from the Greek Severus, that means "stern" in English. It was often given to Norse boys born into Christian families after the Christianisation of Scandinavia, usually to honor Saint Severinus of Noricum. While considerable variations of the surname Sorensen can be found, it's a name that is quite common, primarily in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Even though it originally was used to denote filial relationships, patronymic surnames are now generally used as family names in most Western societies.

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Sorensen: Where does the name Sorensen come from?

The last name Sorensen is common in many parts of the world. It is most popular in Denmark, where it is the fourth most common surname. In Norway, it is also a widely used last name. In Sweden, it is the 63rd most popular surname, and also quite widespread in Finland.

In the United States, Sorensen is ranked among the top 1000 surnames, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It is particularly popular in Utah where it is the 18th most common surname, due to the presence of a large population of Danish Mormons in the state. It is also prevalent in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Sorensen can also be found in many countries in Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland, as well as in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. In Australia and New Zealand, the name is considered to be of European origin and is quite common.

Overall, Sorensen is a popular surname, found in many countries across the world. Its frequency is particularly high in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the United States and some South American countries.

Variations of the surname Sorensen

The surname Sorensen is of Danish origin, has multiple variations and can be found in different spellings. It is derived from a patronymic name, which means 'son of Soren', and as such, is a very common surname in Denmark. In addition to being found in its original Danish form, the surname Sorensen is also found in other European countries, as well as in some North and South American countries.

Variants of the surname Sorensen include:

• Sörensen, in Danish and Scandinavian countries

• Sörens, another Danish spelling

• Sorensen, in the Netherlands and other Northern and Western European countries

• Sørensen, yet another Danish spelling, and one of the most common variants

• Sørens, a rare Danish variant

• Søren, the oldest spelling of all

• Sören, German spelling

Surnames of similar origin to Sorensen include:

• Sørenson, a common Scandinavian surname

• Sørnsen, found primarily in Norway

• Sørensen, another Norwegian spelling

• Sauntson, a rare Swedish variant

• Sörensson, a common spelling in Scandinavia

• Sauron, also found in Northern Europe

• S©rci, a rare variant found in Hungary

• Zorin, a Cossack surname

The variations of the surname Sorensen reflect its Scandinavian origin, with some forms appearing in other European countries, as well as in North and South America. This demonstrates its popularity in many regions, as well as its wide spread use over a long period of time.

Famous people with the name Sorensen

  • Christopher “Chris” Sorensen, an American figure skater.
  • Kim Sorensen, a Danish professional footballer currently playing for Vejle Boldklub.
  • Ole Sorensen, a notable Danish astrophysicist.
  • Eric Sorensen, Canadian sportscaster and radio news anchor.
  • Nicklas Sorensen, a Swedish professional ice hockey player.
  • Kim Sorensen, a Danish handball player.
  • Jakob Sorensen, a professional Road Racing cyclist.
  • Peter A. Sorensen, a Danish literacy expert.
  • Teis Sorensen, Danish laborer and politician.
  • Thomas Sorensen, a Danish professional football goalkeeper.
  • Valdemar Sorensen, a Danish zoologist and entomologist.
  • Kasey Sorensen, an American lawyer and politician.
  • Poul Sorensen, a noted Danish ski jumper.
  • Niels-Kristian Sorensen, a Danish badminton player.
  • Jakob Sorensen, a Danish game developer, film director and former music composer.
  • Mark Sorensen, an American political figure in California.
  • Erik Sorensen, a noted Danish architect.
  • Børge Sørensen, a notable Danish graphic designer.
  • Jørgen Sørensen, a Danish rower and Olympic gold medalist.
  • Sven Sørensen, a Danish modern pentathlete and Olympic champion.

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