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Surname Soto - Meaning and Origin

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X. Soto

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Soto: What does the surname Soto mean?

Soto is a Spanish surname that is common in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. The name is derived from the Spanish word "soto," meaning "grove" or "small forest." It indicates a person who lived near or in a grove of trees, a small wooded area, or a thicket. This gives it a geographical or topographical origin; many surnames originated in this way as a way to identify where a person was from or which landmarks they lived near. Variations of the name Soto include de Soto, del Soto, and Sotelo. Some notable individuals with this surname include Hernando de Soto, the 16th century Spanish explorer, and Gary Soto, the American author and poet.

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Soto: Where does the name Soto come from?

The last name Soto is originally of Spanish origin. It is a very common surname in Spanish-speaking countries and former Spanish colonies. For example, it is among the top 20 surnames in Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama. It is also very widespread in the U.S., where it ranks among the 200 most common last names. In the U.S., Soto is mostly concentrated in major metropolitan areas with large Hispanic or Latino populations, such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and other cities in Florida. Additionally, Soto is a common surname among Hispanic diaspora communities, especially in parts of Europe and Latin America, as well as the Caribbean. Moreover, Soto is an especially frequent last name in certain areas with large populations from Central and South American countries, such as Argentina and Paraguay, or nations with strong links to Spain, such as the Philippines.

Variations of the surname Soto

Soto is a Spanish surname with many variants. The most common variants include Soto, de Soto, Sotelo, and Sotomayor. The spelling may also vary depending on the region and country, so it is possible to find Soto spelled with a variety of accents and capitalizations, such as Sóto, Sötö, or Sötömäyör.

In Latin America, the variants Pinto, Santos, and de Santo often appear. Pinto means painted and Santos means saints, while de Santo means "of the saints". This can indicate that the original bearer of the Soto surname may have originated in an area where Christianity prevailed.

In some countries, such as Colombia, Soto may be used as an alternative to the surname Sotomayor. Other variants can also include Sotano, Sotogrande, and Soleta.

Soto is also a common surname in Portugal, and similarly to other countries, it may be differently spelled. The Portuguese spelling variants of Soto include Souto, Saouto, Souza, and Souza-Silva.

In the Philippines, the Soto surname is sometimes spelled Suta, and other variants include Esto and Estoperez.

The popularity of Soto, in conjunction with its many variants, make it one of the most common and widespread surnames in the world. Its origins are likely rooted in the Iberian Peninsula, and its spread to the Latin Americas areas such as the Caribbean and Central America is evident.

Famous people with the name Soto

  • Juan Soto: Juan Soto is a professional baseball player who currently plays for the Washington Nationals in Major League Baseball. He is one of the franchise’s brightest stars, and is considered one of the best hitters in the league.
  • Ferran Soto: Ferran Soto is a Spanish professional football player, currently playing for Spanish club Celta de Vigo in the Segunda División.
  • Marisoul (Marisol Soto): Marisoul (Marisol Soto) is an American singer-songwriter and lead singer of the Grammy-nominated band La Santa Cecilia.
  • Raphael Soto: Raphael Soto is an Argentine film director and television producer whose work spans four decades.
  • Déborah Soto: Déborah Soto is a Venezuelan actress and television presenter. She is best known for her roles in the Venezuelan telenovela Chica Ve.
  • Salvador Soto: Salvador Soto is an American politician who serves as the President of the Young Democrats of America, the premier organization for young progressives in the United States.
  • Eric Soto: Eric Soto is an American Hip-Hop singer and songwriter. He has released several singles and albums and is best known for his collaborations with 2 Chainz, T.I., and Kevin Gates.
  • Aída Soto: Aída Soto is a Mexican actress and the daughter of famous Mexican actor Ángel Garó. She is best known for her roles in the telenovelas “La que no podía amar” and “La Madrastra”.
  • Juan Soto Olivas: Juan Soto Olivas is a Spanish professional golfer who has played on the European Tour.
  • Diego Soto: Diego Soto is a Spanish television director, writer and producer. He is best known for his work on the television series “El Señor de los Cielos".

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