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Surname Spearin - Meaning and Origin

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Spearin: What does the surname Spearin mean?

The last name Spearin is believed to have derived from the Old English pre 7th Century “Spere”, meaning spear, plus the suffix “-ing”, which was often used to denote "son of" or "descendant of". Therefore, the surname Spearin could mean the "descendant of the spear". This might imply that the original carriers of the surname were warriors or soldiers who used spears - a common weapon used in medieval times. Like many surnames, it could also be a metaphorical reference to the characteristics of the person, in this case, someone who is sharp or valiant like a spear. However, it is also important to mention that the true meanings of many old surnames can be difficult to verify due to changes in language and cultural context over the centuries.

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Spearin: Where does the name Spearin come from?

The last name Spearin is most common today in Ireland, Canada, and the United States of America. In Ireland, the surname Spearin is second in occurrence among the most common surnames found in Irish records. In Canada, the name Spearin is most common in Ontario and Alberta. In the United States, Spearin is primarily found in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, while more infrequently encountered in other states.

Spearin is derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Speirín", composed of two elements. The first element is the Gaelic word "Ma," meaning "son of." The second element is a personal name derived from the Gaelic words "spéir" and "áird", which mean "stout" and "height". Spearin has a variety of spelling variations, including Spearman, Speerin, Spearin, and Spear.

Immigrants bearing the Spearin surname arrived in the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries, settling primarily in the Granger, New England and Southern Appalachia regions. During the 1840 U.S. federal census, Spearin families could already be found in New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Census records indicate that Spearin households have continued to move primarily inland since that time, following roads and railways to establish new homes.

Today, those with the Spearin surname continue to be an active part of their families, communities, and cultures. With many bearing the Spearin surname, this proud family legacy of strong work ethic, dedication, and loyalty continues to thrive.

Variations of the surname Spearin

The surname Spearin has many variants, spellings and surnames related to its origin.

Variants: Spearan, Speerin, Speering, Speeran, Speiren.

Spellings: Spearin, Speerin, Speering, Speeran, Speiren.

Surnames derived from Spearin: Sperin, Spearman, Spearman, Speer, Speers, Spearance, Spearing, Spearpoint, Spearow, Sperem, Speren, Sperent, Sperenger, Sperez, Sperezano, Speres.

Spearin is an English surname of Norman origin, first found in Worcestershire where they were seated from very ancient times. It is a branch of the large family of de Perin who previously held land in the area and were part of the aristocracy. The name is derived from "de Perin", a personal name of Germanic origin.

The Spearin family lived in Worcestershire as far back as the 11th century, and at one point were lords of the manor of Kington, near Worcester city. They can be found in documents such as the Charter Rolls from 1202 through 1215.

The Spearin spelling first appeared in the records in the 13th century and could have arisen out of an attempt to anglicize the pronunciation of the original Norman name. It is most likely that the current spelling of Spearin came about in the 15th century. It is possible that the name was misspelled at some point in the past, thus resulting in some of the variant spellings.

This surname was originally found in the areas of Herefordshire and Shropshire, but their numbers have spread to other parts of Britain and beyond. Common locations today include Lancashire, Yorkshire, London and New England.

Famous people with the name Spearin

  • Jordan Spearin: Canadian actor, known for his roles in the films 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie' and 'My Life Without Me'.
  • Jason Spearin: Canadian musician and composer, part of the musical project The Herbaliser.
  • Jesse Spearin: Canadian musician and songwriter, from the band The Constantines.
  • Gail Spearin: American professional wrestler from the World Wrestling Federation.
  • Brett Spearin: American football player, defensive end for the Oakland Raiders.
  • William D. Spearin: Canadian politician and lawyer, former leader of the New Democratic Party in Ontario.
  • Christina Spearin: Canadian politician and former president of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
  • Martha Spearin: American golf player, former champion of the LPGA Qualifying Tournament.
  • Stephen Spearin: British politician and former Member of Parliament for the constituency of Chorley.
  • Douglas Spearin: Canadian diplomat and former Deputy Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs.

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