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Surname Speidel - Meaning and Origin

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Speidel: What does the surname Speidel mean?

The last name Speidel is of German origin. This surname is derived from the Middle High German word 'spital', a term used to describe someone living near a hospice or hospital. It can also be interpreted as a reference to someone who worked in one of these establishments. The modern spelling of the name appears to have been influenced by the German word 'spielen' meaning 'to play'.

The Speidel surname is a popular German name, with the majority of its bearers living in western and central Germany. The German states of Baden-Württemberg and Nordrhein-Westfalen have the highest concentrations of people with the Speidel surname.

Speidel is also found in a number of other countries around the world. There are bearers of the name in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Overall, the Speidel surname is a product of the German migration to various parts of the world. For many years, no matter where people bearing the Speidel name have settled, they have remained connected through their shared name and heritage.

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Speidel: Where does the name Speidel come from?

The last name Speidel is most often associated with German descent, and is historically quite common in Germany. Speidel is used as both a surname and a given name, although it is more often used as a last name. Today, Speidel is still widely used throughout much of the German-speaking world, particularly in areas such as Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Brandenburg.

Speidel is also a popular name in other parts of Europe due to German migrations. It is common in France, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of Russia. It is also used in some other countries with a more limited frequency, mostly derived from German immigrant families. In the United States, Speidel is most widely used in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Wisconsin, and other states that had a strong German presence during the 19th century. The name is also found in smaller numbers throughout the rest of the country.

There are thought to be over 20 million people worldwide today who bear the name Speidel. It is a fairly common name, and as such it is not likely to stand out too much in conversation. In some areas it may be more well-known and common than in others, but it is generally an easy name to fit into everyday life.

Variations of the surname Speidel

The surname Speidel has a few different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These include Speidl, Speidelin, Spiedl, Spiedel, Spiedelli, Spiedell, and Speydel.

The Speidel surname originates from Germany, and it is derived from the word “spidl” which means “rope maker” or “rope spinner” in German. It is likely that the nickname was given to individuals in the profession of rope-making or rope-spinning. Speidel can also be a variation of the name “Spencer” which is derived from a Latin term meaning “dispenser of provisions.”

The variant “Speidl” is similar to “Historiographer”, a name which refers to a keeper of records. It is also found as “Spiedl” and “Spiedell.” This South German variant of Speidel is likely derived from a nickname for a person who worked with ropes, since spiedl is the same term as spidl.

The variant “Speydel” may be derived from Dutch, and it is believed that it is a variation of “Spiedel” or “Spiedl.”

The surname Speidelin is another form of the same name, and is also found as “Spiedellin” or “Spiedelli.” This variant could be derived from the term “spinster” or “spin doctor”, suggesting an individual who works with rope, or who is skilled in spinning.

All of these variants and spellings of the Speidel surname likely stem from the same root name and multiple versions of the same profession. It could be argued that the various spellings and surnames of the same origin likely represent individuals in the profession of rope-making, rope-spinning, recordkeeping, spinning, or even dispensing of provisions.

Famous people with the name Speidel

  • Julius Speidel: former member of the German Wehrmacht, served as Chief of Staff to Field Marshal Rommel, wrote several books, and was the founder of Rommel's elite unit, the Afrika Korps.
  • Albert Speidel: German lawyer and diplomat, served as Legal Advisor to three West German Chancellors, and was one of the youngest ambassadors of his time.
  • Arthur Speidel: musician, arranger and composer who ran a music-publishing business, wrote over 300 compositions, and was the first Jewish composer in the Netherlands to earn a royal warrant.
  • Robert Speidel: American politician, civil servant, and soldier, who served as the Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut for over 40 years.
  • Nicholas Speidel: Swiss football goalkeeper, who earned 11 international caps, and is the first choice keeper at FC Basel.
  • Werner Speidel: German classical historian, and author of several books about Roman history and the Roman Empire.
  • Ulrich Speidel: German economist and banker, who wrote books and articles about economic history, banking, and business cycles.
  • Francine Speidel: Belgian actress, stage director, writer, and journalist, who won several awards for her plays, and frequently collaborates with contemporary artists.
  • Bernd Speidel: German historian, specializing in the Middle Ages and the Habsburg Empire, and author of numerous books and articles.
  • Friederike Speidel: German playwright, wrote her first play at age fifteen, and is the author of several highly acclaimed plays and novels.

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