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Surname Spiering - Meaning and Origin

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Spiering: What does the surname Spiering mean?

The last name Spiering is of Dutch origin. It is derived from the word "spier" which translates to "muscle" or "strength". The name evolved from a variety of uses such as an occupational name for someone who was a strongman or a wrestler, or a nickname for someone who was thorough and persistent. It may also have been used to denote someone from the Dutch town of Spaarndam.

Spiering as a surname is particularly common in Netherlands and Germany, although it has spread to other countries. The earliest record of this name dates back to 1521 in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is the 138th most common surname in the Netherlands and the 2,922nd most common in Germany.

The Spierings in the Netherlands are predominantly of Dutch Protestant religious background although some have converted to Roman Catholic faith. In Germany the Spieringname is predominant to Protestant communities, mainly Lutheran families. In the United States It is an uncommon name and is mainly found in the Midwest and Pennsylvania.

The Spiering surname is associated with a the Spiering coat of arms which depicts a kernel of oats with a red center that represent strength, perseverance and hard work. It is said to be a reminder of the strong pioneering spirit of the first people to bear the surname and the strength and diligence of those who followed. It is a reminder of the past and of the importance of having the courage to continue onward despite life’s difficulties.

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Spiering: Where does the name Spiering come from?

The last name Spiering is most commonly found in the Netherlands, particularly in the region of North Holland. While it is not one of the most common surnames in the Netherlands, it is still widely seen throughout the country.

Spiering can be traced back to the 11th century, when a family of noble German origin from Bramburg Castle took the name. From there, the Spiering family spread throughout Europe, expanding to many parts of the continent. Over the generations, the surname has been found in both Germany and the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is now the homeland of the Spiering name. There are two primary regions where Spiering is most common: North Holland and West Jutland. The highest recorded concentration of Spiering is in the small village of Kortes-Jorwert in the municipality of Heerenveen in North Holland.

It's likely that many Spierings have emigrated from the Netherlands and the surname will be found in small concentrations around the world. In the United States, the surname is most widely seen in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. In Canada, Spierings can be found mostly in Ontario and British Columbia. Australia and New Zealand are known for having sizeable Dutch-descended populations, as the Dutch influence here goes back centuries. It stands to reason that Spiering, like many other Dutch names, has taken root in both countries.

Variations of the surname Spiering

The surname Spiering is a patronymic surname, meaning “son of Spier”. It is most commonly found in Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

Similar spellings and variants of the surname Spiering include Speering, Spiertz, Spiere, Spire, Speer, Speerling, Spierenburg, Spierings, Spieren, Spierling, Spiermann, Spireng, and Speerinck.

The English equivalent of the German spelling of Spiering is Spearing. The surname Spiering is also sometimes spelled “Speerinck” in Dutch records.

The surname Spiering is also found in other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Variants of the name in these countries include Spearing, Sparing, Spearinck, Speerinck, Spier, Spiers, Speirs, Speers, and Spire.

The spelling Speering is also found in Ireland, especially county Cork, but this spelling may also be derived from the Germanic personal name Spiegel.

In some cases the name Speering may be derived from the Middle English word “spire”, which was used to describe a pointed object, such as a steeple or tower. In other cases it may also have derived from the Old Norse word “spyri”, which means “sprout”.

A less common spelling of the surname Spiering is Spyering. This may have derived from the Germanic personal name “Springer”, which means “jumper”.

In Austria, the surname Spiering is sometimes found as “Spierl” or “Spierling”. Similarly, in Czech records the surname may be found as “Spirling” or “Spirlingová”.

Famous people with the name Spiering

  • Chris Spiering: Former manager of the year for the Tampa Bay Rays.
  • Stephen Spiering: CEO of RunSignUp, a race registration platform.
  • John Spiering: Former Vice President at MasterCard International.
  • Campbell Spiering: Professional golfer and instructor.
  • David Spiering: Writer and producer of independent films.
  • Chris Spiering: Founder and CEO of Potable Water Solutions.
  • Pat Spiering: Former CEO of the construction company Turner Brothers.
  • Paul Spiering: Former Director of Compliance at a High Frequency Trading Firm.
  • Brandon Spiering: Professional basketball player
  • Jeff Spiering: Former President of the University of Florida Alumni Association.

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