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Surname Staats - Meaning and Origin

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Staats: What does the surname Staats mean?

The surname Staats is of German origin. Derived from the Middle High German word "stat", it translates to "state" or "place". Generally, it was used to denote a person who lived or worked at a royal residence or perhaps held a job within the king's or queen's household. It might also imply someone who worked in an administrative capacity for the state. Like many surnames, Staats started out as a nickname or descriptive term relating to the individual's occupation, residence, or character traits, which eventually turned into a family name passed down through generations. Please note that the exact meaning can vary based on geographical regions and historical usage.

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Staats: Where does the name Staats come from?

The last name Staats is most commonly found in the United States today. The roots of Staats can be traced to Europe and Germany. The name first appeared in the middle 1500s and was a popular occupational surname. It is derived from the German word “staat” which means “states” or “territories.” It is likely the name was given to people who had a position of authority or responsibility in the German government or feudal system.

The first known record of the Staats name in America dates back to 1743 when John Staats arrived in Philadelphia from Germany. He was soon followed by other Staats families who settled into various parts of the country. Today, the most concentrated areas of Staats’ family members can be found in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Staats is a unique and uncommon last name that continues to remain popular among Americans of German heritage today. The Staats surname is still carried by families across the United States even though their exact origin is now unknown. The vast majority of living Staats family members are either descendants of the original Staats immigrants or have adopted the name in recent years.

Variations of the surname Staats

The surname Staats (or Staat, Staete, Staets, Staetsen) is of Dutch and German origin. It was derived from an old Germanic name “Staet”, meaning state or country. It is most commonly found in Netherlands and Germany, but it is also found in all the Low Countries and in parts of the United States. Variants of the surname Staats include Staat, Staete, Staets, and Staetsen. Variations of the surname also include Staetsen, Staessens, Staatch, and Staoch.

In the Netherlands, the names Staats and Staat are derived from the Middle Dutch words "staet" or "staat", which have been used since the Middle Ages as a name for families whose ancestry was found in a certain region or town. In Germany, Staats is derived from the old German term “Staad,” which also means state or country.

Variations of the surname Staats in other countries include Staton in England, Stott in Scotland, and Stautz in Germany. The English variants of the surname are Stott and Staton, and the Scottish versions are Stow, Stott, and Stoute.

In the United States, the surname Staats is the most common in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. It is also found in North Carolina and Virginia. The spellings found in the U.S. include Stautz, Staots, and Staats.

Overall, the surname Staats has a long history and is widely spread throughout the world. It forms the basis of many families and their history, as well as being a source of great pride.

Famous people with the name Staats

  • Stanislas Staats, agronomist, botanist and entomologist
  • Curt Staats, visual artist
  • Barry Staats, American football player
  • A.J. Staats, professional basketball player
  • David Staats, two time Emmy Award-winning journalist
  • Stella Staats, wife of screenwriter, director and producer Stanley Donen
  • Darlene Staats, lead singer of Las Vegas rock and roll group, The Larks
  • Julep Staats, actor, producer and playwright
  • Jack Staats, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • J. P. Staats, California rancher and politician

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