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Surname Stackhous - Meaning and Origin

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Stackhous: What does the surname Stackhous mean?

The surname Stackhous is of English origin and is derived from the Old Scandinavian term "stakkr," meaning haystack, and "hus," which means house. So, the literal translation would be 'house by the haystack’. It is considered a topographic surname, which were among the earliest created since both natural and man-made features in a landscape provided easily recognizable distinguishing names. The first recorded spelling of the family name dates back to the 12th century in England. Over the centuries, due to regional dialects and variations in spelling, it has been recorded in different forms including Stackhouse, Stackhous, Stacchous, and others. Such surnames were also often used to denote the location or dwelling place of the family carrying the name. Therefore, a person with the Stackhous surname would likely have ancestors who lived in a dwelling by or near a pile of hay.

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Stackhous: Where does the name Stackhous come from?

The last name Stackhouse is most commonly found in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is a relatively uncommon surname, ranking at 8,457 in the United States and 11,979 in the United Kingdom.

The origin of Stackhouse is unknown. It's thought to be of English or Germanic origin, though the specific origins for the name remain a mystery.

In the United States, the Stackhouse name is most prevalent in the states of North and South Carolina, where it is also the most commonly observed of all Stackhouse variants, with the last name ranking at 3,979 and 2,762 respectively. In other parts of the country, Stackhouse is less common, ranking in the 40,000s in states like California, Texas, and New York.

In the United Kingdom, the Stackhouse name is most often found in Midlands, Northeast England, and the South East. Those concentrations of Stackhouse surnames is thought to be because of a large influx of immigrants from those parts of England in the mid-19th century, perhaps linked to the industrial revolution.

In addition, the Stackhouse name can be found in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Overall, the last name Stackhouse is most common in North and South Carolina and the Midwest part of the United Kingdom, but the name is nonetheless found in high numbers in other parts of the world as well.

Variations of the surname Stackhous

The surname Stackhous is of German and British origin. Variations, and alternate spellings, of this name include Stackehous, Stackehouse, Stackehus, Stackhouse, and Staackhouse.

The name Stackhous is believed to have first emerged in Bohemia, where it is a topographic name for someone who lived close to a weir gate, stronghold, or other type of fortification, derived from the Middle High German word “stac.” It is believed to have been a descriptive name for someone living near a fortress or structure, and so could have been assumed as a surname by a person who lived near such a structure.

The name may also have been derived from the Middle English stack, stackland, and stackhouse, meaning “a small garrison is standing on the hill or stackland's crest”, hence Stackhous. It is likely that the surname Stackhous was first found in the County of Northumberland in Britain, where it is believed to have been of local origin.

The name Stackhous is also commonly found scattered throughout Central, Eastern, and Northern Europe, where it is noted in the records of several families in Bohemia, Poland, and Sweden. During the 19th century, many people with the surname Stackhous were recorded in the United States, England, Scotland, and Wales.

In modern times, the surname Stackhous is still commonly found throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world, and is spelled in various ways. Common variants of the surname include Stackehous, Stackehouse, Stackehus, Stackhouse, and Staackhouse.

Famous people with the name Stackhous

  • Ed Stackhouse: Professional baseball player from 19301935 who later became an MLB umpire.
  • J. Watson Stackhouse: The first African American to graduate with a PhD in organic chemistry.
  • David Stackhouse: Former American professional basketball player who is now a college scout for the San Antonio Spurs.
  • Chris Stackhouse: Professional mixed martial artist and former WEC light-heavyweight champion.
  • Gerry Stackhouse: Former NHL ice hockey player who played for numerous teams during his career.
  • Chris Stackhouse: American country music singer-songwriter.
  • Graham Stackhouse: English professional footballer who currently plays for Halifax Town.
  • Dan Stackhouse: American golfer who has competed on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.
  • Jacob Stackhouse: American professional surfer who has won the Pipeline Masters in 2005.
  • Paris Stackhouse: American artist who works in multiple disciplines and media, including sculpture, installation, painting, photography and public art.

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