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iGENEA DNA Test Unveils Unexpected Links of Stähli surname Beyond Switzerland

Family name Stähli

After conducting an iGENEA DNA test, I discovered unexpected links between my distinctly Swiss family name, Stähli, and various Celtic populations in Europe, particularly the British Isles and Iberia.

After I received my iGENEA DNA test results, I spent many hours reviewing the unexpected revelations about my family tree I had never imagined. I was blown away by the surprising links to various geographical locations and historical eras, especially concerning my family name, Stähli. My original thought was that we'd always been Swiss, due to the unmistakably Swiss sounding surname, Stähli. However, the iGENEA DNA test provided strikingly new insight, unveiling a rich and diverse lineage that appeared tangled at places beyond Switzerland.

The DNA results indicated that although my Stähli surname was originally Swiss, the genes linked with the name clearly had links with various Celtic groups in Europe, particularly in British Isles and Iberia. The fusion of Swiss, British, and Iberian genes was quite a revelation. The genetic link to Britain gave me Goosebumps as I started imagining my forefathers challenging the waves of the British Isles. As for Iberia, it was outright overwhelming to realize that my heritage wasn't confined to the cold mountains of Switzerland but sprawled across the sun-kissed beaches of Spain and Portugal all the same. My eyes also opened to the fact that the Stähli family may have migrated from Switzerland to Britain and Iberia, or vice versa.

C. Stähli

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