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Surname Starten - Meaning and Origin

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Starten: What does the surname Starten mean?

The surname Starten is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Stark. This name literally translates to "strong" or "sturdy" in Old English. It is believed to have been used as a nickname for someone with great strength or power. This name can also be derived from the Middle English word "start" which means to "leap away" or "dash off".

Over time, the name has evolved to a variety of spellings, such as Starken, Starke, Starten, and Starkon. It has been found throughout history in many places, most notably England and Germany.

Given the origins of the name, it is likely that Starten families were made up of people who were believed to have great strength, or possessed some degree of power. This characteristic could indicate a family of warriors or nobility, and Starten’s may have had a strong ability for leadership.

The name has also been associated with creativity and imagination. It has been used to describe those who are talented in some creative endeavor, whether it be music, art, or literature.

Regardless of its origin, Starten is an interesting surname with a long history. Its meaning has changed over the years, but this name can still be traced back to Old English and Middle English roots, with heavy connotations of strength and creativity.

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Starten: Where does the name Starten come from?

The last name Starten is most commonly found in Germany, especially in the north-west region. In addition, the name Starten is also found in Finland.

Starten is an early surname, with records dating back as far as the 15th century in Germany. The name is derived from Middle German, deriving from the Old German ‘Starten’, which literally means ‘from the start’.

Today, Starten is a relatively uncommon name in Germany. In 2019, fewer than 1 in every 40,000 people in Germany had this last name.

In Finland, however, the name is much more common. According to 2018 survey data, Starten ranks as the 597th most common name in Finland.

A limited number of Starten families can also be found in the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden, and Austria. The surname is also quite common in several African countries, particularly in Zambia and South Africa.

Overall, while the last name Starten is quite rare in Germany, it is much more common in Finland, the United States, Sweden, and certain African countries.

Variations of the surname Starten

The surname Starten is derived from the Middle High German word starten, which means to squeal or cry out. This surname is found throughout Europe, mainly in English, Dutch, German, and Scandinavian countries. Variants of this surname include Startin, Starten, Starten, Starsten, Starston, Starston, Startoon, and Starrtin.

The English version of this surname is typically spelled as Startin and Starston. Dutch and German spellings are usually Starten and Starten. In Scandinavian countries, the variation Starter has been commonly found.

Startin, Starten, and Starten have become Anglicized surnames, with the spelling adapted to fit English pronunciation. Starsten, Starston, Starrtin, and Startoon are similar variants of this surname, with slight variations in spelling. All of these surnames originate from the same root word, starten.

The spelling of this surname is not the only variation of this surname. Starten is also known by alternate spellings, including Staron, Starren, Stender, and Staton. These variations seem to be more geographically based. For example, Staron is primarily found in England and Germany, while Starren and Stender are common in the Netherlands and Starton is mostly found in Sweden.

Today, the Starten surname is widely dispersed across the globe, stemming from its ancient roots. Despite its various spellings and geographical references, all of these surnames trace back to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Starten

  • Chris Stratten: A former professional ice hockey player with the National Hockey League and American Hockey League.
  • Joe Stratten: A former MLB baseballer who played for the Kansas City Royals and Baltimore Orioles in the 1960s.
  • Anthony Stratten: A multi-instrumentalist musician who has created and released his own music as of 2020.
  • Phil Stratten: An American social media influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Emma Stratten: A television actor who has featured in various popular television shows such as ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Glee.’
  • Doug Stratten: An American record producer and director who has worked on music projects for some of the biggest names in the industry such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
  • Mark Stratten: A former professional wrestler who competed in various promotions such as World Wrestling Entertainment and Ring of Honor.
  • Jax Stratten: A famous YouTuber who is known for her comedic skits and reaction videos.
  • Brian Stratten: A professional snowboarder and entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of his own snowboard company.
  • Melissa Stratten: A renowned plus-sized model and beauty pageant competitor who is considered an inspiration to many.

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