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Surname Stauffer - Meaning and Origin

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Stauffer: What does the surname Stauffer mean?

The last name Stauffer has its roots in Switzerland, originating from the Middle High German term "stouf" that means "a cup or goblet". The term was figuratively used for a tavern and hence the Stauffer were often tavern keepers or wine merchants. The surname may also originate from the family being residents of the place known as Staufen in the regions of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in Germany. Some might argue that the surname itself could suggest a topographic or regional origin rather than a professional background, referring to people who came from a location with steep or stony grounds. Surnames during medieval times were often derived from a person's job, characteristic traits, or geographical locations. Over the centuries, spelling variations in names were a common occurrence due to the lack of standardized spelling rules in medieval times. Therefore, Stauffer could also appear as Staufer, Stouffer, Stofer, Stover, and many others in old records.

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Stauffer: Where does the name Stauffer come from?

The Stauffer surname is one of the most widely distributed and commonly found family names in the world. It is especially prominent in some parts of Europe, particularly in Germany, and is also quite common in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and much of Latin America and the Caribbean. In Germany, Stauffer is a top 100 name; it is in the top 500 in Switzerland as well.

In the US, Stauffer is found in every state, with Pennsylvania and Ohio being the states with the most Stauffers at present. In Ohio, Stauffer was the 85th most frequent surname in 2019; in Pennsylvania, it was the 124th. The Stauffer surname is particularly prominent in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding areas, where it is easily in the top 25.

Throughout the US, Stauffer has been in steady use since the 1700s, when Swiss families took the name as they immigrated from various parts of Europe. Today, there are over 60,000 Stauffers in the US alone, and this number is sure to continue to grow. There is no sign of the surname slowing in popularity any time soon.

Variations of the surname Stauffer

The surname Stauffer is commonly encountered in the United States and other German-speaking countries and has a variety of possible spellings and variants.

The most common variants of Stauffer are Staufer and Stofer. These variant spellings are found primarily in German-speaking countries, and are especially common in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In terms of pronunciation, the difference between the two variants is small; Staufer and Stofer are both pronounced with a single “u” sound, rather than a double “u” sound as in Stauffer.

Other variant spellings of Stauffer are Stauffer, Stoufler, Staubler, Staub, Stowfler, Stouffler, and Stouffer. As with Staufer and Stofer, these variant spellings are all pronounced with a single “u” sound. These variants of Stauffer are most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The surnames Staub and Staubler are derived from the German word staub, which means “dust.”

Stauffer is also related to two other surnames, Stouffer and Stowfler. Stouffer is the German version of the English surname Stower and is derived from the German name Stauffer. Stowfler is a Swiss German surname and is derived from the Middle High German name Sturmfisol.

In conclusion, the Stauffer surname has a variety of potential spellings and variants, including Staufer, Stofer, Stauffer, Stoufler, Staubler, Staub, Stowfler, Stouffler, and Stouffer. It is also related to the surnames Stouffer and Stowfler, which originate from different German words.

Famous people with the name Stauffer

  • MacKenzie Stauffer: Instagram Influencer
  • Andy Stauffer: Former American professional basketball player
  • Carl Stauffer: Minister and founder of CMU's Peacebuilding Program
  • Hank Stauffer: American cartoonist
  • Harvey Stauffer: Former American football player
  • Ivan Stauffer: Swiss entrepreneur
  • Mike Stauffer: Video game designer
  • Roman Stauffer: Swiss professional golfer
  • Ryan Stauffer: Canadian Football League player
  • Sharon Stauffer: University of Illinois professor
  • Wilson Stauffer: Baseball player
  • Zach Stauffer: Baseball player

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