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Surname Staveren - Meaning and Origin

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Staveren: What does the surname Staveren mean?

The last name Staveren is of Dutch origin and is most commonly found within the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. It is an occupational surname derived from the Middle Dutch word ‘staveren’, which means a crew member or a sailor. This reflects the family's maritime heritage, as they were well-known for their expertise in sailing.

In general, the surname is associated with commerce and trade, as many of the family members were very successful in this field. The surname first became popular centuries ago due to the presence of the Staveren family in major trade ports. It is likely that the word ‘staveren’ was also used to refer to the captains of the ships. This may have been linked to the fact that some of the earliest members of the family were involved in the prestigious Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, or Dutch East India Company, which had a considerable impact on the navigation of merchant vessels.

The most notable person with the last name Staveren is Dutch steel tycoon Louis Staveren, who founded the firm of Staveren & Company in 1882. This company quickly became one of the leading steel producers in the Netherlands and was responsible for the construction of many of the country’s houses and infrastructure throughout the twentieth century. As such, Louis Staveren is seen as a major figure in the history of Dutch industry.

Overall, the surname Staveren is an indication of the family’s distinguished maritime and trade past. It continues to be well-known and revered within the Netherlands and abroad, as it reflects a prominent line of successful merchants and captains.

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Staveren: Where does the name Staveren come from?

The last name Staveren is a very rare surname, with much less than 100 people currently bearing that name. According to the website Forebears, the last name is most prevalent in the Netherlands, where the population of Staverens stands at 76. Other Staverens can be found in small numbers in the United States, France, and Colombia.

The Staverens of the Netherlands can be traced back to the 1600s, when Jan and Johan Staveren were recorded as living in Zuid-Beijerland, a small village in the Dutch province of Zeeland, close to the Belgian border. Over time, they spread out to other parts of the Netherlands until the surname arrived in the United States in the late 19th century.

Today, the Staveren name is believed to be primarily concentrated in two small Dutch towns, namely Nieuwkoop and Koudekerk aan den Rijn. Of the 76 Staverens living in the Netherlands, all but 4 are from these two locations. In the United States, most Staverens are in Illinois, where the population stands at 12, as well as scattered locations in California, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Given its rarity and modest population, it is unlikely that the Staveren name will gain any more popularity in the near future. Nevertheless, the Staverens should be proud of their legacy and the part they have played in shaping the Netherlands and the United States.

Variations of the surname Staveren

The surname Staveren has several variants and spellings, as well as different surnames of the same origin.

The surname Staveren may be spelled as Staver, Staveren, Staven, Stavin, Stavern, Steaven, Staevin, Steavens and Steavins. Variants of the name include the Dutch Stavermans, Stavers, Staverens, Stavinck and Steavinck. It is also found in German as Staber, Stabers and Stabhers, and may have originated from the Dutch given name “Steven” which is the Low German form of Stephen.

In England, the name was first recorded in the mid-17th century. A Thomas Staveren was married in London in 1657, and John Staveren was baptized in Deal, Kent in October 1672. In Ireland, it is believed the name is derived from the Irish surname "Stief" and is generally found in County Donegal. The name Staveren was a popular surname in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and also found in the Netherlands province of Zuid Hollant.

In Scotland, the Staver family is believed to have originated in Fife. In America there are several lines of Staveren, although the most well known is the family from New York. The Staveren family settled in New York in the 18th century, many of whom served in the Revolutionary War, and the family is still found in various parts of the USA today.

The surname Staveren is derived from the Low German “Staver” and is believed to have originated in the Low Dutch provinces in Europe. It is a unique name and is still found around the world today.

Famous people with the name Staveren

  • Joost van Staveren, Dutch professional footballer
  • Andries van Staveren, Dutch wax sculptor
  • Mihalina Van Staveren, Hollywood actress and model
  • John van Staveren, Dutch painter
  • Casper van Staveren, Dutch drummer and session musician
  • Joanna van Staveren, Dutch writer and former artist
  • Marijke van Staveren, Dutch journalist and television presenter
  • Johan van Staveren, Dutch architect
  • Stoffel van Staveren, Dutch politician
  • Remco van Staveren, Dutch actor and theatre director

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