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Surname Stofflet - Meaning and Origin

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Stofflet: What does the surname Stofflet mean?

The surname Stofflet is believed to be of German origin. It derives from the German words "Stoff", meaning material and "letz", an old word denoting a small quantity or particle. It is hypothesised that the name referred to a point of origin, either a dwelling or a geographic location, where cloth or textiles were sold.

In ancient German, people often named a person after a place, in order to identify them as belonging to a particular area. This might explain why the majority of people with the Stofflet surname are found throughout Germany and surrounding countries.

It is likely that the people with the Stofflet surname were originally tradespeople in the textile industry, or involved with clothing production in some way. There are also examples of people with this name who were farmers or worked in the forestry sector, using the forests for harvesting timber and other resources.

At least two separate branches of the Stofflet family have been identified in America, with the majority of their descendants in Pennsylvania.

In summary, the surname Stofflet is believed to have originated as an identifier of people and places related to the production of textiles or clothing. Not much else is known about the history of the surname.

Stofflet: Where does the name Stofflet come from?

The last name Stofflet is most commonly found in the United States today, although the name appears to have European origins. It is believed to be a German surname, as "Stoff" translates to "fabric" or "stuff."

In 1741, Johann Jakob and John Adam Stofflet were two of the first settlers to bring the family name to America when they arrived in Pennsylvania. Since then, the Stofflet family has spread across the US, particularly in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. Family members can be found in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

According to the 2020 United States Census, the Stofflet name is still relatively rare and only occurs at a rate of 0.00064% in the population. The most common states with a concentration of Stofflet names are Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan. Within North America, the most frequently appearing Stofflet locations are in the Pennsylvania-New York-New Jersey Tri-state area.

The Stofflet family name is still a popular one today, with many descendants of the original Stofflet family in America remaining loyal to their ancestral roots.

Variations of the surname Stofflet

The surname Stofflet is derived from the Middle High German term 'Stophelet' and is of occupational origin from the pre-medieval era. It is a derivative of the word 'Stoff', meaning fabric or material. This originates from the Old French term 'estoffe', meaning fabric or material, which came from the Latin word 'stuppa', for raw linen or wool.

The Stofflet surname is generally believed to have initially been borne by a maker of fabrics or yarns. The name can be found in numerous forms around Europe, such as Stofel, Stoflet, Stoffele, Stoffel, Stoffelett, Stofflet, Stofleth, Stofflet, Stoeffel, Stoefflett, Stoefflet, Stoefle, Stoeflet, Stoeflett, Stoeflitt, Stoepfel and Stophel.

In the United States, there are several variant spellings, including Stoffel, Stoffle, Stofflett, Stoflett and Stoefel. In English-speaking countries, the name is spelled most often as Stofflet or Stofflett.

In the German language, the most commonly seen spelling is Stoffel or Stoffel, with the variant spellings Stoffele, Stoffelett, Stofflitt, Stoeffel, Stoefflett, Stoefflet and Stoepfel also in circulation.

In France, variants can be seen as Stofel and Stoffel, with the variants Stoflette, Stoffele, Stoffelett and Stofflett also in use.

In the Netherlands, variants of the name appear as Stoefel, Stoeflett, Stoeflet and Stoepfel.

In the Czech Republic, Stofele and Stoflitt are prevalent, while in Serbia, variants of the Stofflet surname are Stofel, Stofleth and Stofflett.

Famous people with the name Stofflet

  • William Stofflet: William Stofflet was an American Revolutionary War hero, who is best known for his leading role in the Battle of Yardley.
  • Gene Stofflet: Gene Stofflet is an American jazz cornetist, who rose to prominence in the 1940s with the Umbria Jazz Festival.
  • Elmer Stofflet: Elmer Stofflet was an American college football coach. He served as the head football coach at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, in 1897.
  • Nora Stofflet: Nora Stofflet is an American actress, known for her roles in the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" and the web series "Love".
  • Helga Stofflet: Helga Stofflet is an Austrian artist and sculptor known for her work in the 1930s.
  • Chuck Stofflet: Chuck Stofflet is an American ice hockey player. He spent the bulk of his career with the Minnesota North Stars of the National Hockey League (NHL).
  • Mark Stofflet: Mark Stofflet is an American notion, businessman, and politician. He served as a Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
  • Joe Stofflet: Joe Stofflet is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour. He achieved six wins on the PGA Tour, including two major championships.
  • Michael Stofflet: Michael Stofflet is an American politician. He is a Republican Party member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 132nd legislative district.
  • Lee Stofflet: Lee Stofflet was an American football player. He was a quarterback of the University of Michigan Wolverines from 1977 to 1979.

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