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Surname Stout - Meaning and Origin

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Stout Heritage: A Fascinating Discovery of Ancestral Journeys Through iGENEA DNA Test

After an in-depth investigation of my iGENEA DNA test results, I discovered fascinating details about my ancestral heritage and the historical significance of my surname, Stout. This exploration elucidated the profound influences of my surname, linking back to the era of Medieval Scotland and England, and revealed its journey across the Atlantic to the New World.

R. Stout

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Stout: What does the surname Stout mean?

The surname Stout is of Old Norse origin, derived from the Old Norse word "stutr" which means "stout" or "proud". It was a nickname given to someone who was large or strong, in either character or physical size. This term was often also used to describe someone who was bold, brave, or impressive. This name originated in the medieval times and could have been used to either denote a person of heavy build or was used as a complimentary term for a person highly regarded for their bravery or strength. It spread throughout Scotland, England, and Ireland during Viking and Norman invasions. There are several variations of spelling for this surname including Stoute, Stutt, and Stoutt. Today, it is quite common in the United States, England, and Australia. Like many surnames, it can sometimes offer a clue about the physical attributes or character traits of a distant ancestor.

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Stout: Where does the name Stout come from?

The last name Stout is most commonly found in the United States and in parts of Europe since the 1800s, most notably in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

In the United States, the prevalence of the last name is highest in the endurance of some of its more prominent colonial settlers. The Stout family trace its lineage to some of the earliest settlers of the New World, notably the New England region, and can still be found in significant numbers in states such as Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

In England, the Stout family has long been associated with the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Durham. Throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, the Stout family has left a long-lasting legacy of peace and prosperity, likely owing to their oversampling of service in the military, as well as in civil and mercantile pursuits.

Those descended (or related to) the Stout family often take pride in their ancestors, with some experts even sugggesting that Stout (or variations of the name) have come to symbolize courage and a will to succeed in difficult conditions. Through its proud history of enduring settlers, the Stout last name continues to thrive and can be found in any area that was once colonized by British settlers.

Variations of the surname Stout

The surname Stout (sometimes spelled Stoute or Staute) is an ancient British surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is thought to derive from a personal name or title, either "Stout" meaning brave or "Stoutkyn", meaning strong. The accepted forms of this surname are common throughout the English-speaking world, with variants such as Stot, Stott, and Stoute being found in some areas.

Variants of this surname have been recorded in Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. In Scotland the surname is mainly associated with the area of Kintyre in Argyll and is widely spelled as Stott. In Ireland the Stout surname is associated with County Monaghan, County Donegal and County Derry, and is often spelled as Stoute. In the United States the surname is primarily associated with the states of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, as well as Michigan and New Jersey. In these areas, the spelling is most commonly found as Stout.

Other variations of this name have appeared in many areas of the English-speaking world. In the Dutch language, the name is spelled as Staut. In the German language, the name is spelled as Staute. Other variants from different languages include: Stauter, Stauten, Stautz, Stoet, Stoat, Stote, Stoete, Stoits, Stukas, Stut, Stutte, and Stutts.

The Stout surname is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that's been widely adopted throughout the English-speaking world. Variations of the name in different languages are still being discovered, but with the established forms—Stout, Stot, Stott, and Stoute—this is a popular surname that will likely survive for many generations to come.

Famous people with the name Stout

  • Harry Stowitts, former NFL player.
  • Darrell Stout, hockey player.
  • Ronald Stout, professional golfer.
  • Robert Stout, former New Zealand Prime Minister.
  • Orson Scott Card, science fiction novelist.
  • E.B. White, writer and poet.
  • David Stout, writer and journalist.
  • Adele Astaire, actress and dancer.
  • Jim Stout, former US ambassador to Kenya.
  • Joseph Stout, former US Army Major General.
  • Lauren Stowe, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Jack Stout, actor.
  • Joe Stout, Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Ed Stout, former American basketball player.
  • Ron Stout, professional basketball player.
  • Brad Stout, former Major League Baseball player.
  • Bobbie Teal-Stout, journalist and author.
  • Mike Stout, former Major League Baseball player.
  • Richard Stout, forensic scientist.
  • Patricia Stout, actor and singer.

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