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Surname Stower - Meaning and Origin

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Stower: What does the surname Stower mean?

The surname Stower is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is primarily considered to be a locational surname. It typically derives from places named Stow, such as Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucestershire, or Stow in Lincolnshire and Suffolk in England. Stow is an old English word that translates into "holy place" or "meeting place". The "-er" ending version probably refers to a person who lived near or came from such a place, or might signify someone who managed or took care of such a location. As with many surnames, regional pronunciation variations may have resulted in different spellings over time, including Stowe, Stow, Stoue, and Stower. However, it's important to note that interpretation of surnames can be quite complex and other origins for Stower may exist. For instance, it might also be an occupational surname for someone who worked as a 'stower', a term referring to a carrier, stacker or storer in old English. Always remember, the meaning can change based on name evolution and family history.

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Stower: Where does the name Stower come from?

The surname Stower is predominantly found in England today. It is also found in the United States, Australia, and Canada.

In England, Stower is an uncommon name but most widely found in Devon, Hampshire, South Gloucestershire, and Merseyside. Devon has the highest concentration of Stowers with about 300 people registered with the name. Hampshire has around 200 Stowers while South Gloucestershire and Merseyside follow suit with similar concentrations.

In the United States, Stower is most commonly found in the state of Pennsylvania, particularly in the counties of Lancaster, Chester and Monroe. Other areas with moderate concentrations of Stowers are Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County, and Massachusetts’s Middlesex County.

In Australia, Stower is most commonly found in Victoria and New South Wales, with highest concentrations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns.

Stower is also found in Canada, particularly in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Manitoba.

While the surname Stower is not common, there are pockets of people carrying the name in various countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Stower

The surname Stower has many variants and spellings, including Stowar, Stowere, Stoar, Stoare and Stowery. The spelling variants of Stower may reflect a distinct regional or cultural tradition or dialect. This surname is most common in England, and its origins can be traced back to the prehistoric era.

The most common spelling of Stower is also the most recent form, which has its roots in the Old English language 'Stawer'. The Old English spelling of Stower was Stawere, and this spelling transitioned to Stower in the Middle English period.

There are also regional variants of the Stower surname, such as Storer, Stouer, Stover, Stoar, and Storer. Storer is an English topographical surname derived from the Anglo-Saxon word 'steorra' meaning a marsh or fen. Stover is a variant of Stower which is found primarily in northeastern England.

The Scottish variant of Stower is Stoar, which is derived from the Gaelic personal name 'Stuir'. Lastly, Stouer is a variation of Stower found mainly in Scotland.

To summarise, the variants of Stower include Stawer, Stowar, Stowere, Storer, Stouer, Stover, Stoar and Storer. Although linked by a common origin, these variants have become associated with different regional dialects and regional histories.

Famous people with the name Stower

  • Alison Stower: British world record holder in orienteering
  • Aaron Stower: multi-award winning film director
  • Mark Stower: professional cyclist
  • Michael Stower: actor, musician, and playwright
  • Sophie Stower: British actor, best known for her roles on the popular soap opera EastEnders
  • Matt Stower: former rugby union player for the Leicester Tigers
  • Jeff Stower: American lawyer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
  • Jonathan Stower: English actor and voice performer
  • Catherine Stower: author and cultural historian
  • Tim Stower: English professional squash player

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