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Surname Stracke - Meaning and Origin

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I. Stracke

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Stracke: What does the surname Stracke mean?

The surname Stracke is of German origin. The word "Strack" is derived from the Middle High German term "stracke," which means "straight" or "rigid." The name may have been given originally as a nickname to someone who was inflexible, figuratively unbending or even strict in their ways. Alternatively, it may have referred to a person with a rigid or straight posture. In certain regions, the surname Stracke was also associated with being hard or tough. It should be noted that surnames evolved over centuries and their meanings can vary based on geographical areas and local dialects. Therefore, interpretations of this last name can differ. As a surname, Stracke is fairly common in Germany and people with this name can be found in many parts of the world due to emigration.

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Stracke: Where does the name Stracke come from?

The last name Stracke is most commonly found in Germany. It is among the 50 most common surnames in Germany today. The meaning of Stracke is thought to be derived from the old German word for "track".

The surname Stracke is likely a patronymic for a man of German descent, making this surname both ancient and common. It is still quite popular in the German-speaking parts of the world. In Germany, Stracke is ranked 51st out of about 300,000 German surnames. It is also found in Austria, Switzerland, and various other European countries.

In the United States, the surname Stracke is found mostly in the Midwest and is least common in the East coast. The statistics show that the name Stracke is only found in the United States in low numbers, with only about 1,200 today.

In Canada, the surname Stracke is found in the western provinces the most, with about 450 living in the province of Alberta today. The surname is slightly more rare in other parts of Canada, with about 100 people with this last name living in British Columbia, and only about 50 people living in Ontario today.

The surname Stracke is a relatively rare surname in other parts of the world, apart from Germany and other parts of Europe, where it is still quite common.

Variations of the surname Stracke

The surname Stracke, which originates from Germany, is typically spelled Strahlke, Strahle, Straelke, Strakel, Strahl, Stracke, Strael, Straal, Straase, Straaße, and Straasche. Sometimes, the original German spelling of Strack or Strahl is still found.

Variations of the name include Strackmann, Stracken, Strahlemann, Strahlmann, Strackenmann, Stracklen, Ostrach, Ostrack, Ostrachel, Osterach, Ostrahle, Ostracken, Stralmann, Strackels, Stracklets, Stralleman and Streck.

The name can be found in records from The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Poland, Russia, and other parts of Germany.

Stracke is a relatively common surname, often found in records from the area of Pomerania. It is derived from the Middle High German “stracken”, meaning quickly or swiftly.

In some cases, Stracke may have been combined with other family names such as Schedel, Streckmann, Stracken, Strecken, and Strackenberg.

This name is often associated with professions such as millers, potters, bakers, merchants, and tradesmen. It is also associated with festivals, such as Carnival and Lent.

Many citations list Stracke or its variants as being associated with nobility. It is likely that it is connected to a handful of specific noble families, though no conclusive records have been found that confirm this.

Today, one of the most famous people with the surname Stracke are German artist Paul Stracke, a Berlin-based contemporary artist, whose unique expressions revolve around societal taboos.

Famous people with the name Stracke

  • Ryan Stracke: American actor known for playing Kevin Matthews on the long-running soap opera General Hospital.
  • Oskar Stracke: German entrepreneur and politician. He served in the Reichstag for the Nazi Party from 1933-1938 and later worked in business as the chairman of Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg.
  • John E. Stracke: American military analyst and intelligence officer. He was a United States Army Major General who served in multiple executive level capacities in the Department of Defense.
  • Dylan Stracke: Pop androrld musician, known for his hit single “I’d Rather Be With You”.
  • Jace Stracke: Musician and songwriter, known for his solo project “Clouds and Smoke”.
  • John Stracke: Professional stuntman and actor, appearing in films such as Fast Five and Jurassic Park III.
  • Melanie Stracke: Austrian figure skater and four-time Austrian national champion.
  • Karl Stracke: former chairman of Mercedes-Benz USA and former executive vice president of Mercedes-Benz Group.
  • Alexander Stracke: German professor of philosophy at the University of Würzburg and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Werner Stracke: German film producer and one of the judges of the Berlinale International Film Festival.

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