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Surname Strages - Meaning and Origin

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Strages: What does the surname Strages mean?

The last name Strages is a derived from the Greek word 'Stragalós' which means 'wanderer'. It is thought that this name may have existed in the Byzantine Empire during the middle ages and later been brought to the Italian peninsula as a family name. The name could have been derived from one of the original families who followed St. Paul as he spread Christianity throughout the Mediterranean.

The last name Strages could be interpreted as a person who is adventurous, courageous, and independent. This was likely an essential quality needed by those who travelled long distances in efforts to spread Christianity. Even today, individuals bearing the last name Strages may have the same quality yet in a modern context; they are often independent and ambitious in their pursuits.

The surname Strages is particularly common throughout Italy, where it first originated. It also has a substantial presence in the United States, especially among descendants of Italian immigrants in America. In the US, Strages can be found today in places that have long served as entrepôts for various immigrant populations, such as New York City.

The Strages family name is an enduring reminder of a time in history when a founder was brave and ambitious enough to pursue their dreams and help found a new family line. Even today, persons bearing the Strages name may find themselves drawn to independent and ambitious pursuits. Through generations of perseverance, the Strages name symbolises the courage and ambition that has allowed people of all backgrounds to reach for their goals and shape their destiny.

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Strages: Where does the name Strages come from?

The surname Strages is most strongly associated with modern-day Greece, where it has existed from the 16th century up to today. It first became present in the country during the Ottoman period, when it began to be used as a late Greek/Byzantine form of the Latin name "Strabo" (Greek: Στράγγος). The surname is also present in smaller numbers in several other European countries, and in some parts of the former Ottoman Empire, including parts of Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Within Greece, the surname can be found most commonly in the northern and central Greek regions of Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace, with some variations in the spelling of the name. Some bearers of the surname have also been found in the more central and western parts of the country, such as Epirus, Phocis and Euboea.

The Strages family is mostly of Greek Orthodox faith, but some members have belonged to the Jewish and Muslim faiths at some point in the family’s history. The surname is still used today in Greece and other parts of Europe, and can be found in present-day records, especially in the parts of the country with strong historical ties to the Ottoman period.

Variations of the surname Strages

The surname Strages has a few variants and spellings, along with some related surnames of the same origin.

Variants and spellings of the surname Strages include: Strogies, Stroges, Stregges, Stregs and Stregois. These variants have arisen over the years due to changes in pronunciation or regional differences in spelling.

Related surnames, of the same origin, are Straus, Strass, Strauss and Strous. Haplogroup I2b2 (I-M223) is the most common clade associated with the surname Strages, although other clades are not completely ruled out.

The earliest record of a family with the surname Streges was in Leicestershire, England, in 1360. Over the centuries, the Strages family rose from humble beginnings to become a prominent family of merchants, landowners and politicians in the area, with records showing that the family owned several estates, such as St. Helen’s in Leicestershire.

The Strages surname is part of an old European surname group, and is believed to be derived from a word meaning ‘strength’ or ‘strength of spirit’.The name is largely found in France, Germany and Spain, with limited records in Eastern Europe, Isle of Man and the United States.

In all its variants and spellings, the surname Strages is a reminder of the rich history of the family, and its strength, determination and resilience.

Famous people with the name Strages

  • Walter Strages: Professional Actor who's mostly known for his performance as Hussein in the dark comedy Far From Heaven and roles in The Wire and Castle and in the jazz-inspired musical She rant: The Fantasticks.
  • Wayne Strages: an American executive producer and co-host of the sports-talk radio show All Defensive with Wayne Strages and Bill Tapia.
  • Chris Strages: a singer, songwriter, and actor who released his debut album, Heart of the City, in 2012.
  • Arne Strages: a Norwegian Rock musician who was the drummer on the band's pop/alternative music album Coliseum.
  • Sophia Strages: an American Theater and Television star most well-known for her roles on The Haunting of Hill House and The Twilight Zone.
  • Jerry Strages: a Swedish cinematographer who was the Director of Photography for the feature-length films The Vow, The Wolf and The Tower.
  • Abigail Strages: a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter who has released 3 solo albums since 2015.
  • Emilia Strages: a Polish actress well-known for her role in the World War II drama A Good Day to Die.
  • Mark Strages: an American actor, best known for appearing in films such as The Losers, The Spectacular Now and Sunday's Fool.
  • Anna Strages: a German entrepreneur who is a co-founder of the clothing brand Strages, which focuses on producing sustainable fashion.

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