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Surname Strait - Meaning and Origin

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Strait: What does the surname Strait mean?

The last name Strait is of French origin, derived from the Old French word “estret,” meaning “narrow.” It refers to someone who lived near an identifiable strait, such as a river, mountain pass, or stretch of water between two bodies of water. The name is sometimes used to describe the specific area from which the name originates, but also as a surname.

In French, the name is derived from the Latin word “strictus”, which also translates to “narrow”. It was often used as a nickname for someone with a long, thin face or small stature. The name gained popularity in the Middle Ages as towns and villages began to adopt surnames to differentiate people from their neighbors.

The surname Strait is common in North America, most likely brought over by settlers with French roots. It is also popular in areas of Australia and New Zealand, where French-influenced settlers arrived in the late 19th century.

The surname Strait can be found throughout the English speaking world and is used in many different contexts. Some people may link the last name to the Strait of Dover, a narrow stretch of water between England and France, while others may think of the streaker record label, referencing the last name. No matter how the name is associated, the last name Strait will forever be connected to the meaning of “narrow”.

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Strait: Where does the name Strait come from?

The last name Strait is quite common in the US today, particularly in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. It is also popular in other parts of North America, especially in Canada, where it is among the top 100 surnames.

In Ohio, Strait had been the 141st most common surname by 2019 according to the Social Security Administration reports. This represented an increase of more than five percent from 2015 when it was in the 157th position. In Pennsylvania, it was also among the top 200 surnames as of the same year. Given that the state is one of the most populous in the US, it indicates that the name Strait is quite widely used in the region.

The popularity of the name Strait is not only limited to the US. A search on a genealogical website reveals that there are more than 500 people from various countries, who have the name Strait in their family trees. This includes people from places such as England, Canada, Mexico, France, and India.

Interestingly, while the surname Strait is most common among people of European descent, it is also found among other racial and ethnic groups. According to the website, a search of the name Strait yields results of people with ancestral backgrounds that include African, Native American, and Hispanic.

Overall, while the origin of the name Strait is unknown, its popularity today is clear, spanning several countries and numerous racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Variations of the surname Strait

The Strait surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, many of which originate from different European countries although some come from other locations across the world. These include: Streit (a German word meaning "struggle" or "conflict"), Streat (an English or Scottish term), Strate (a German or Dutch word meaning “road” or “path”), Strate (a French term meaning “long and straight”), Straight (an English term meaning “straight” or “direct”), Streator (an English term meaning a “place for gathering”), Streeter (the American spelling of “Streator”), Streight (an English or Irish word), Streitel (a German term meaning “speak out”), Straitland (an English term meaning “strait land” or “confined land”), Stretton (an English term meaning “place of the poles” or “straight town”), Straightman (a Dutch word meaning “one who is straight and honest”), Straito (Italians with the Strait surname), and Estrait (the Spanish variation of the Strait surname). Strait is also a popular surname in Native American cultures such as the Navajo, Lakota Sioux, and Choctaw nations.

Famous people with the name Strait

  • George Strait: American country music singer-songwriter, record producer and actor
  • Kasey Strait: Washington state-based Americana singer-songwriter and stylist
  • Dave Strait: English cricketer
  • Strait Osorio: Cuban Olympic swimmer
  • Audra Strait: American country music singer
  • Chief David Strait Jr: Osage Nation tribal chief
  • William Strait: American football player
  • Margaret Strait: American singer
  • Nancy Strait: American special education teacher
  • Amanda Shaw Strait: Canadian actor and singer

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