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Surname Streater - Meaning and Origin

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Streater: What does the surname Streater mean?

The last name Streater is of English origin. It is derived from Middle English word of “streater” or “streatour”, which is an occupational name for someone who operated a street stall. It is also related to the Old French word “estradier”, meaning a public officer in charge of a marketplace. Over time, the name has changed in spelling.

In the Middle Ages and the early modern era, street traders sold food, fabrics, tools and other goods from small handcarts or other portable devices. This occupation was vital to the English economy, providing goods to all social classes. The street traders were often found around markets, fairs and crossroads, a reliable source of trade for villages and towns. Street traders often moved around the country, operating in multiple areas, which could have contributed to the spread of the surname.

The name Streater is found across England and in former English colonies. It is also found in some European countries, likely as a result of the military or other English immigration. Today, the name Streater is considered very rare, but is an important part of English surname history.

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Streater: Where does the name Streater come from?

The last name Streater is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in urban centers on the East Coast. According to the Social Security Administration, the county with the highest frequency of Streater births was Baltimore County, Maryland, followed by other counties in the greater Baltimore and Washington DC areas. Outside of the US, Streater is a relatively uncommon name.

Streater is believed to be an Americanized version of the French-Canadian surname, St. Etienne. The first recorded instance of the Streater surname can be found in the Naturalization Records of New York City in the year 1845. It is thought that the Streater family was originally from Canada, as many French-Canadians migrated to the east coast of the United States during that time.

The 1990 U.S. Census found 4,287 Streater households spread across the United States. Family members are most commonly found in the states of Maryland, Florida, and New Jersey. As is the case with many surnames, the Streater family is likely to have branched out into other states over the generations, leading to a much larger population today.

Despite the relatively wide dispersal of the Streater family, the name remains concentrated in a number of areas. Baltimore, Maryland, remains a key area for Streaters, and the name is still concentrated in pockets across the east coast of the United States.

Variations of the surname Streater

The surname Streater is an English occupational name derived from the Middle English word “stretere,” which means “one who lays out roads and streets.” The surname can be found spelled in various forms, including Streeter, Streete, Striter, Strither, Streater, and Strete. The Streater spelling is found most commonly in England and in those areas of the United States that were originally settled by English immigrants.

Variants of Streater found in other countries include Streiter (Germany, Jewish Ashkenazic), Stritt (Germany), Strittmatter (Germany, Jewish Ashkenazic), and Strittener (Germany).

The surname Streater can also have alternate spellings due to phonetic variations of the name, such as the more common Streeter spelling in the United States, UK, and Canada. The additional forms of the surname are Streeter, Streetes, and Streedes.

Variations of the surname Streater can also be found in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy. The Dutch version is known as Strater, the French version is Streter, the Spanish version is Streter, and the Italian version is Stratti.

In conclusion, the surname Streater can be found in many places in many forms. Although the original spelling is still used today, variations of the name have been created over time in many countries and locations. Some of these variations include Streeter, Streete, Striter, Strither, Streater, Stritt, Stretes, Strittmatter, Strittener, Strater, Streter, and Stratti.

Famous people with the name Streater

  • Dwayne Streater: comedian, actor, and radio host
  • Jeanne Streater: British television scriptwriter
  • Cheryl Streater: politician and member of the Ohio House of Representatives
  • Lee Streater: former Olympic cyclist
  • Richard Streater: former President of D'Youville College
  • R.J. Streater: former MLB pitcher
  • Jim Streater: British freestyle skier and coach
  • Thomas Streater: English poet
  • Endre Streater: Hungarian graphic artist, painter, and illustrator
  • Paloma Streater: professional roller hockey player

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