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Surname Stricklin - Meaning and Origin

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C. Stricklin

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Stricklin: What does the surname Stricklin mean?

The last name Stricklin is of English origin and is derived from a nickname for a turner or a spinner of yarn. It is derived from the Middle English word "strickle," which means "spindle" or "spinner." It was originally used to describe those who spun thread using a spinning wheel.

The Stricklin surname can be found in records back to the 1500s and was traditionally associated with the wool trade. There are many variants of the name, such as Strickland, Strickling, and Strikland. In the old country, the same family could also been found under versions with suffixes such as “-een” or “-en”.

In the United States, the Stricklin name is most commonly found in Ohio and Virginia. The earliest American record dates to 1720 in Pennsylvania.

Stricklins are known for being hardworking, resilient, and independent. Dolliver Stricklin, a Revolutionary War-era soldier and two-time legislative leader, is an example of the strength and tenacity of the Stricklin family.

Overall, the Stricklin name is associated with a long legacy of diligence and industry. It reflects a respect for hard work and the value of craftsmanship. Those who bear the Stricklin name proudly carry on a historical tradition of self-sufficiency and dedication.

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Stricklin: Where does the name Stricklin come from?

The surname Stricklin is most strongly concentrated in the United States, but is largely absent in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In the United States, it can be found in many southern states. In particular, the states with the highest population of Stricklins are Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia. In Louisiana, Stricklin is the most common with over 1,000 families.

In Alabama, the Stricklin family is one of the oldest in the state. Records show that the Stricklin's have been living on the Gulf Coast in this area since the early 1700’s. The family settled in Mobile County, which is now where most Stricklins are found.

In Georgia, Stricklin is a common surname in both the Atlanta and Savannah regions. In Atlanta, families typically trace their Stricklin ancestry to ancestors from Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia who moved to the area during the mid-19th century.

In Mississippi, the surname Stricklin is chiefly associated with the Paulding and Tippah counties, which are located in the northern portion of the state. In recent times, Stricklins have also spread to surrounding states, including Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.

The Stricklin surname today is widely distributed across the southern United States. It is a testament to the bravery and hard work of the ancestors who first settled in the area and is still carried proudly by descendants across generations.

Variations of the surname Stricklin

The surname Stricklin is an English surname, derived from the Middle English word "strekel" or "stryckele", meaning "little strokes". The variants and spellings for this surname include Stryclin, Striclan, Strekland, Stryklen, Stricklen, Strickland, and Stricklin. These surnames are all variants of the same origin and are pronounced in the same way.

Stricklin has been spelled differently in different languages and areas. For example, the German spelling is Strecklein, and the Dutch spelling is Strijklen. In some cases, the ending -len may also be spelled as -lin. In addition, some variations of this surname are pronounced differently, such as Strickland or Stricklen.

The surnames Strickland, Strekland, and Stricklen are all related to the same origin, but may have different meanings. Strickland means “one who lives by or near a slow-flowing water”, Strekland means “land in a straight line”, and Stricklen means “one who lives near a stream”.

Many people with the surname Stricklin are related to each other. It is likely that Stricklins who lived in the same area came from the same family or had common ancestors. It is also possible that Stricklin families have different roots and came from different areas.

Overall, the surname Stricklin and its variants and spellings are all related to the same origin, but can have different meanings and pronunciations. It is likely that Stricklins have common ancestors and that those with the same variant are related to one another.

Famous people with the name Stricklin

  • Jesse Stricklin: American actor known for his role in Numb3rs
  • Hal Stricklin: former American race car driver
  • Dewayne Stricklin: former American football offensive tackle
  • Laura Stricklin: American volleyball player
  • Jack Stricklin: former American football coach
  • Peter Stricklin: American songwriter and producer
  • Sam Stricklin: former American college baseball coach
  • Joyce Stricklin: American actress and writer
  • Mark Stricklin: American musician and songwriter
  • Steve Stricklin: former American professional baseball player

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