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Surname Strode - Meaning and Origin

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Strode: What does the surname Strode mean?

The surname Strode is of Anglo-Saxon origin and derives from the Old English "Straet" meaning "Roman road" and the medieval English "strother" meaning "marshy ground overgrown with brushwood." Therefore, its meaning can be interpreted as a person who lived near a Roman road or marshland overgrown with underbrush. This topographic surname was frequently given to people based on their residence or occupation. Today, the surname is found predominantly in England, as well as in countries where English people have migrated such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Over time, it has various spellings, including Strod, Strood, Stroad, and Strowd.

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Strode: Where does the name Strode come from?

The Strode family name is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. Areas such as Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall, and other counties close to South West England show the highest levels of this surname. The surname Strode first appeared in 1279 in Devon when William Strode was registered. It is a locational name derived from any of numerous places named with the Old English word "strōd," which means a marsh or stream. This could have referred to a location near a ford or near a marsh, and many places in England are named in this way today.

The name is also present in the United States and Canada, primarily as a result of emigration from the UK. It is most common in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, and Texas today. There is also an elevated level of presence in Canada, mainly Ontario. While Strode is not the most common surname in the United States today, it is slowly growing in popularity.

Overall, the goal of the Strode family name remains the same – to leave a legacy of strength, loyalty, dedication, and honour. Such traits look to be alive and well in the countries where the Strode family name is mostly commonly found.

Variations of the surname Strode

The surname Strode can have a variety of spellings, variants, and surnames of similar origins. These include Strud, Stroud, Straut, Straud, Strood, and Struod.

The surname Strode shares some similarities with some Scottish names of origin, such as Struthers and Rankin. It also shares some similarities with continental names such as Struthe, Strauch, Stroh, and Stroszak.

The origin of the surname Strode is believed to be Anglo-Saxon in origin, with the word itself meaning “stream” or “streams”. It is also suspected that the surname could have been derived from words such as “Streat” or “Strod”, meaning “streamlike”.

The Strode surname can also be found in the United States, where it has become a popular surname after some of the earliest settlers came to the country. It is believed that the earliest known immigrants with the Strode surname were the Strodes who settled in Virginia sometime around 1607.

Throughout history, there have been many notable people who have carried the Strode surname, such as British Army officer and independent politician Sir William Strode and 1st Baronet of Newnham. There is also William Strode, a member of Parliament for Plympton in 1640, and William Strode, an English poet who wrote “The Morning Watch”.

Famous people with the name Strode

  • Buck Strode, American professional wrestler and trainer
  • John Strode, English actor
  • Tracey Strode, American television and radio host
  • Travis Strode, American retired baseball player
  • Matthew Strode, Australian sprint athlete
  • Ann Strode, English businesswoman
  • Lloyd Strode, American professional boxer
  • Eric Strode, American college football coach
  • Taff Strode, English poet
  • Ben Strode, British race car driver
  • Jamie Strode, Australian television presenter
  • Brooke Strode, American professional golfer
  • Ariana Strode, American singer-songwriter
  • Carl Strode, American private investigator
  • Gordon Strode, Scottish amateur footballer
  • Dennis Strode, Australian Paralympic athlete
  • Jennifer Strode, American film director
  • Leslie Strode, British lawyer
  • Kevin Strode, German professional ice hockey player
  • Frank Strode, English computer scientist

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