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Surname Stroehman - Meaning and Origin

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Stroehman: What does the surname Stroehman mean?

The last name Stroehman doesn't appear to have any specific meaning as a surname; it might be of German origin and could derive from certain occupation-based, location-based, or patrynomic-based names in that language. However, without definitive etymological records, it is difficult to ascertain the exact meaning or origin. Like many surnames, it could've undergone many spelling alterations over the centuries, further complicating its historical trace. Also, it's worth noting that Stroehmann is a well-known brand of bread in the US, but this is more a commercial identity than a surname etymology. As always with family names, if it is of personal interest, researching family history or conducting a genealogical survey might provide more specifics regarding the origin and meaning of the last name Stroehman in your particular case.

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Stroehman: Where does the name Stroehman come from?

The last name Stroehman is associated with a family of German immigrants who made their way to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Stroehmans first settled in Pennsylvania where the family established a bakery business. From there, the Stroehmans spread out to other parts of the United States and can be found in many locations today.

The Stroehman name is still most commonly found in the greater Philadelphia area where many members of the family still live and operate the well-known Stroehmann Brothers Bakery. It is also common in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, which have all been home to Stroehman immigrants in the past. In the Midwest, many Stroehman families are found in Michigan’s Thumb region where the family’s sons have been farmers for generations.

The Stroehman name can also be found across the United States in smaller numbers in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts. With the name being adopted and integrated into these new areas over the centuries, it has become more rare for people to have the last name Stroehman.

Stroehman roots remain deep and are still celebrated within some families. Some Stroehmans have kept their German heritage alive by engaging with local organizations such as the Bavarian Club of Lake County in Illinois or taking part in cultural exchange programs. As such, the Stroehman name is a testament to the resilient spirit of German immigrants, making it both unique and common today.

Variations of the surname Stroehman

The Stroehman surname is of German origin and dates back to the 1700s when it was spelled Ströhmann. Spellings and variants of the name include Strahm, Strohm, Strom, Strome, Stroem, Strommer, Stroomer, Struem, Struemm, Strahme, Stroh, Strohmung, Ströme, Strahms, Stromans, Strommen, Struempf, Strum, Strumf, Stroeme, Stroe, Strumfang, Stroemann, and Streu.

The many spellings of Stroehman are most likely due to different countries and regions having different dialects of the same language and the migration of people with this surname to different countries. For example, in Germany the surname may read Stromer, while in the United States of America it may read Stroehman.

In some cases, a surname may begin to be used as a given name within a family. For instance, the Stroehman name may have appeared over time in some families as an anglicized middle name - such as Karl Stroehman Jones or Anne Stroehman Smith.

In addition, several families with the Stroehman surname may have adopted different spellings, such as Strum or Stroom, particularly within the United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Overall, the many variations of the Stroehman surname reflects its diverse, international origins. Knowing the various spellings and derivatives can help researchers to better trace the lineage of those with this18th century Germanic origin surname.

Famous people with the name Stroehman

  • Betty Strohmam: American music director, composer, conductor, and pianist
  • Robert Strohman: American physicist and professor
  • Robert Strohman Jr.: American physicist
  • Adam Strohman: American baseball player
  • Paul Strohman: American phytopathologist and professor
  • Robert Stroehman– American entrepreneur and founder of the Stroehman Bakery Company
  • Walter Stroehman: Senior executive vice president and professor of physics at the University of Southern California
  • Wilfred L. Strohman: American engineer and professor
  • Robert Stroehman II: American business executive and founder of the Stroehman Bakery Company
  • Robert Stroehman III: American baker and senior vice president of Stroehman Bakery Company

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