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Surname Swing - Meaning and Origin

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Swing: What does the surname Swing mean?

The surname Swing is of English origin, deriving from the Old English word 'swingan', meaning to move or ‘swing’ back and forth. It is thought to have first been applied to someone who was a swing bridge keeper, and the earliest recorded example of the name is from 1203, when Ranulph de Swinge was recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk.

Throughout later centuries, the surname is found in a range of documents from further afield, including a Thomas de Swynge appearing in Hampshire in 1339, and a Johan de Swynge in the Poll Tax Records of the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1388. It also appears in the Anglo-French marriage rolls of 1198–1375, when Anne de Swynge married Rauf’de Maleham in 1221.

The name is also a nickname, possibly derived from the medieval sport of ‘swing goal’, which was similar to hockey or golf. It is suggested that the horns of the ball were held and an attempt made to swing them as far as possible.

Over time, the original name swingan has evolved and changed, with variants such as Swing, Swingg, sweing, swingg, swengg, swynge, Swings and swingsby, all of which are still found in modern surnames. It continues to be a popular surname, with notable people including 19th century American entrepreneur George Swing and contemporary musician Linda Swing.

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Swing: Where does the name Swing come from?

The last name Swing is most commonly found in North America, predominantly in Canada and the United States.

In the United States, Swing is found mostly in the Midwest and in the South, with some pockets in other parts of the country. At least 1,374 households in the United States have the Swing surname (as of the last census). States that have highest amount of households with this last name include Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, California, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In Canada, Swing is primarily found in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. According to the Canadian national census, Swing is one of the top 200 most common surnames in the country. Over 500 families had the surname Swing in Canada in 2016. Some of the cities with a large number of Swing families include Toronto, Ottawa-Gatineau, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.

The Swing family is of German origin. Some historians believe the name was derived from the German word for "fair" or "bright." Similar surnames such as Schwing and Swink are also of German origin.

Variations of the surname Swing

The surname Swing is derived from a number of sources and has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The origin of the name Swing may be from German, English, and Scottish perspectives. The Scottish version of the surname is believed to have derived from the French word ‘Swinge’ meaning ‘swinging’ in reference to a swinging bridge or an old hanging bridge. It is also believed to derive from an old English word meaning ‘swinger or swinger of weapons’.

In England, the surname can be found as Swinge, Swing, Swingoe, Swange, Swangoe, Swanges, Swingh, Swenges, Swinger and many others. In Scotland, variants include Schwange, Schwangue, and Swingh along with Swoinge, Swonge, Swonque, and Swonge.

In Germany, variants of the surname include Schwang, Schwange, Schwanging, Schwank, Schwankes, Schwankus, Schwango, and many others. In other countries, the surname can be found as Szwanczyk in Poland, and Swingue and Swangle in France.

Other possible variants of the surname include Swing, Swango, Swank, Swin, Swanc, Swinson, Swink, Swankin, Swyng, Swynger, and Swinke.

Variations of this surname may have also developed over time with other spellings such as Swingler, Swingle, Sunglass, Shingiss, Shaws, Swangle, Swank, Shingle, Swangal, and Shingles.

These variations of the surname Swing are the result of generations of adapting the spelling of the name to fit the local language and culture.

Famous people with the name Swing

1.Scott Swing: American lawyer and pastor 2.Bertha Lewis Swing: co-founder of the American Swing Dance Council 3.Gene Swing: American Christian evangelist 4.William Swing: American Episcopal Bishop of California 5.Colin Swing: American recording engineer and musician 6.Jonathan Swing: American cinematographer 7.Emma Swing: American scientist 8.Ray Swing: American comedian and singer 9.Art Swing: American football and basketball coach 10.Carl Swing: American country music singer and songwriter 11.Paul Swing: American painter and sculptor 12.Josh Swing: American R&B singer and songwriter 13.Tim Swing: American chamber music composer and flutist 14.Dany Swing: French singer and songwriter 15.Thorsten Swing: German professional poker player

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