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Surname Tabary - Meaning and Origin

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Tabary: What does the surname Tabary mean?

Tabary is a last name of French origin. It is derived from the Old French word "tabard", which referred to a type of short coat that was common in the Middle Ages. People with this last name may have had ancestors who made or wore such coats, indicating a possible link to the tailoring profession. As with many last names, it might have begun as a nickname or occupational name before becoming a hereditary surname. Additionally, there may be regional influences on the name's origin, as it is primarily found in Northern France. However, the specific meaning can vary and may be unique to each lineage that carries the name Tabary. It's important to note, individual interpretations may rely on the investigation of family history and genealogy.

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Tabary: Where does the name Tabary come from?

Today, the surname Tabary is most commonly found in France, particularly in the Occitanie region of the country. The historical roots of this French surname are believed to have been derived from the Gaulish name TABATARIO, which was a personal name meaning “brave sense.” The name was then Latinized to Tabatarius when French settlers in Gaul adopted Romanized names and it eventually evolved to TABARY.

The earliest records of the Tabary name appear in the 15th century in the Haute-Garonne area of Occitanie, where the surname is most frequently found today. According to the last census in 2017, the most significant concentrations of the Tabary surname can be found in the communes of Toulouse, Castres and Montauban. Through population migrations, the surname has also spread further afield, with many Tabarys now found throughout the rest of France and its former colonies. In other countries, the name can still be found in Belgium, the United States and Canada.

Overall, the surname Tabary is associated with France and the Occitanie region in particular and is still most commonly found there today. With its historical roots in Gaul and its convenience for Latinization, it is likely to remain an iconic French surname for generations to come.

Variations of the surname Tabary

The surname Tabary is an ancient French surname that dates back to the 12th century. It is of toponymic origin, derived from a location name found in the Northern Rhône-Alps region. Variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin are Tabaré, Tabarie, Tabarey, and Tabaray.

The earliest known recorded bearer of the name Tabary is a "Raimond de Tabario" from the village of Lespinois in Ardennes, France who is recorded in the local archives in 1180. Another early recording of the surname is that of an Augusti Tabarai, who is mentioned in the Vieux Monastère de Sainte-Claire de Riaumont in 1287.

The Tabary spelling variant is the most common in France today, while the variant Tabarie is most commonly found in Belgium and the Netherlands due to the Flemish migration to those countries in the 16th century. The variant Tabaré is more common in Spain and Portugal due to Spanish migration to those countries in the 16th century. The variant Tabaray is most commonly found in England and Wales due to the Norman Conquest of 1066.

One variant of the name is the Italian cognate Tabarro, and this variant can most commonly be found in Northern Italy. The variant Tabaray is also sometimes found in France with an "e" at the end, and this variation is pronounced "Tabaraye.”

Overall, the surname Tabary has several variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin, and each variant has different areas of common occurrence due to migration and movement throughout Europe over the centuries.

Famous people with the name Tabary

  • Valentin Tabary: He is a French contemporary artist who works primarily with oil paints. He focuses on portraiture, exploring a range of sociocultural themes and emotions through abstraction.
  • Maxime Tabary: He is a French actor, having acted in a range of films and television series such as Le Divan de Staline, Une île and Une vie.
  • Eric Tabary: He is a Luxemburger journalist, writer and television producer. He has written for publications such as Stern magazine, written numerous books about his home country Luxembourg, and is the founder of the television production company Kasba Production.
  • Virgile Tabary: He is a French footballer who currently plays as a forward for ES Tétouan in the Botola Pro league.
  • Meissa Tabary: He is a Malian footballer who currently plays as a defender for KFC Koekelare in the Belgian Third Division.
  • Rémi Tabary: He is a French high diver. In 2019 he won two European Aquatics Championship medals in high diving, taking home gold for the men's individual event and bronze for the team event.
  • Julien Tabary: He is a French ski mountaineer and member of the national team. His first major success was second place at the 2011 European Championship at Madone.
  • Patrick Tabary: He is a French rugby union player. He last played for US Dax in the Top 14 league before retiring in 2007.
  • Jean-Marc Tabary: He is a French actor and comedian, known for his roles in a range of television series and films such as Grand Hôtel, Petits mythes urbains and La Flèche.
  • Isabelle Tabary: She is a French voice actress who has provided the voice for a range of characters in animated films and television series such as Ortensia, Minnie Mouse, and Kanga in various versions of the film "The Jungle Book".

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